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As you may know, at the IOMTT Zero the Polaris Victory (Brammo) team lost one of its riders to a crash in one of the practice rounds – Dunlop is in fair shape, but with some broken ribs after dropping his BMW on Monday.  Victory was able to pull in Dunlop’s teammate, Guy Martin, to ride the Victory bike.

But here’s the cool part.  Martin, an electric motorcycle neophyte, fairly gushed over this new experience.  Via MCN:

“It’s fast! It’s different. There are no gears, it just goes and keeps going and going! It’s the weirdest, strangest thing. It’s the future isn’t it?”

“You get a bit of wind noise but it’s also how noisy the brakes are, they are the same brakes as on my superbike but you don’t hear it! It handles a treat, it’s so impressive.

It’s strange, it’s not that it’s wrong it’s just that I’m not used to it, it’s the strangest thing. It’s coming! It’s happening!”

We think he likes it…

Martin ran a respectable 104 mph average lap for his first practice.

Martin heading off to work...

Martin heading off to work…

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Sounds like he loved it! But, whats the best EV quote of the day? Did i miss it? Is it in the article? I guess i was expecting a funny one-liner. And what’s Dunlop’s first name? If you just say Dunlop, most people are gonna think of the tire company as a sponsor. I’m gonna guess William Dunlop? I’m not trying to be mean, im just thinking alot of people on this site haven’t been into motorcycles their whole life like we have.

There is a 2013(?) doc on Netflix called “Charge” in which Guy desparages the Electric TT. Guess he has seen the light!

Watched Guy’s reaction on Velocity(The network).
It was the personacation of astonishment!

I can’t even imaging doing a race lap on the Isle of Mann TT as the first time to ever ride an electric motorcycle.

I remember the first time I rode a Brammo Empulse, and it was so unlike anything I’d ever ridden that it wasn’t until the end of the test ride that I even slightly began to feel as comfortable with it as a gasser.

Doing a race lap on the absolutely most dangerous course in the world? Insane. I’ve gotta give the guy credit for jumping in like that. Imagine what he could do with some proper practice on one of these?