Gutted Tesla Model S P100D Takes On Drag Cars – Video


Tesla Racing Channel shows up to Farmington Dragway with a Model S P100D with aluminum front seats, and no rear seats, to take part in some drag racing.

The driver explains that the Tesla is a bit too fast for the 7.00 Index, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, the Model S is too slow for the 6.49 Index.


Semi-Gutted Model S P100D Drag Racing

He’s not engaging launch control, because he’s working reaction time, and trying to get a consistent time over and over. Surprisingly, although the 6.49 Index is not his race, the Tesla wins, hands down. He comes off the line well behind the competitor, but the Model S has no issue overtaking.

In the first 7.00 Index, the Tesla blows away the competition, however, the race is called for a red light on the P100D.

The third race is a 6.49 Index, against a Twin Turbo Coyote Mustang … Model S for the win.

In the fourth race, which is round two of the 7.00 Index, Tesla Racing Channel actually had to buy back in to continue competing, due to the previous red light loss. This one looks really rough for the Model S. The competitor jumps off the line and stays way ahead for the bulk of the race. It looks like a loss for the Tesla, but it’s a split-second win.

Race number five sees the Model S get knocked out of the 6.49 Index with a loss in the third round. Not bad for a 6.49 Index.

The 7.00 Index Finals wrap up with the Model S facing a compact pickup truck. Despite another one that looks way too close to call, the Tesla pulls it off again.

Video Description via Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube:

Thanks to Wes Taylor w/ Lock_It_In_Productions for the Thumbnail! Bringing the Semi Gutted Tesla Model S P100D, which has had two lightweight aluminum kirkey seats installed along with no rear seats whatsoever, to Farmington Dragway and their BoostFab Championship Series where we run a few index Classes. One a little too fast for the tesla, 6.49 index and the other a 7.00 Index. Not using launch control due to trying to get a good, consistent reaction time everytime this P100D drag races through round after round in each competition class.

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Them people talk funny.

Amazingly a lot of people in NC talk like that. Even then, these guys not that bad. There are some people I’ve met around here that I couldn’t even understand what they were saying.

These guys race about an hour and a half west of me.

I’m pretty sure that was real-life Boomhauer in the truck.

I had girl friend in Dallas, and she worked for the May company. Her name oddly enough was April May June.
She answered phones like this:
Hello, this is April May June. You have reached the May company, how may I help you.

“Amazingly a lot of people in NC talk like that.”

I once was on a call to a business in North Carolina. The young lady had a charming, if somewhat thick, North Carolinian accent. At the end of the call I asked for her name, for my company’s records.

She said something which sounded like “Sharra”.

“Come again?” I asked.

Sounding annoyed, she repeated “Sharra”.

“I’m sorry”, I said, “but would you please spell that.”

“Say. Aitch. Ayy. Arruh. Wah. Ay-ul. Cheryl!

Well, I managed to thank her and hang up before I burst out laughing.

Pedantic note: I’ve seen it said that English has undergone a vowel shift since Elizabethan times (Shakespeare’s era), and that North Carolina is the only place in America where they retain the former vowel pronunciation. Dunno if that’s true, but it would be interesting if so!

Aynnerrestaing aynd hayhlarrius!

ANOTHER first-in plonker with something really useful to contribute. Will it never end??

All I hear on those gassers are cams so hot that they can hardly idle, not to mention all them unburned fuel going out the exhaust.

So… it looks like Dodge are about to have a lot of egg on their faces over the Demon marketing effort.

It’s not worth the financial outlay, Dodge… give it up…

The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Plus goes 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and does the quarter miles in 10.5 seconds, while the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon goes 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and does the quarter miles in 9.6 seconds. The Dodge is almost a full second faster than the Tesla in the quarter miles, which is a huge difference in drag racing.

Sven, are you paid for each anti-Tesla posting? Or is it that are you on salary from some ICE company?

Just curious.

How is that anti-Tesla? Those are facts. Tesla’s great, but it’s not the best in quarter mile. Even 20 year old motorcycles are quicker in quarter mile than P100DL.

Well, it all depend on the rider, but yes, even old Kawasaki or Suzuki triple 2 strokes were much faster.
Uncontrollable, but fast
Newer ones are even faster.

Put 5 passengers on your Kawasaki and lets try.

Are these cars drag racing with five passengers?

“even old Kawasaki or Suzuki triple 2 strokes were much faster”

Maybe some riders were faster, but magazine tests were generally in 12 sec range. I think the first to break into 10 was Suzuki GS1150 (4 cyl, 4 stroke) from early 80’s, then 90’s brought few that cracked into 9. Nowadays, even some 600cc claim to touch into 9.

Who cares about the trap speed

1320 feet is the only real measurement not the trap.

I see an electric MC just won Pikes Peak, by 20 SECONDS! Suck on that, Kawasaki, Honda, Buell et al.

It certainly seems to be true, from many reports such as the one in this article, that if you want to win a drag race in a Tesla Model S or X, then pick a 1/8 mile race, not a 1/4 mile race! Altho the MS P100D+Ludicrous seems to be able to compete (not always winning) in the 1/4 mile too.

But anyone whose aim is to win the race should use the Launch mode, every time.

I’ve read that the Demon that got the T100d beat time was stripped, equipped with drag tires, modified computer and needed 100 gas….and this is a production car?! For whom? Get over yourself seven!

So, can somebody explain the 7.00 and 6.49 index thing?

In index racing, you are racing against yourself. If you put your time as an index of 7, you have to run as close to 7 as possible without breaking into 6 seconds. Kind of like price is right, closest without going over

Thanks for explaining. I had never heard of “index” racing before.

must be 1/8th mile dragBig

A bit of trivia: This is also where the terminology like “10 second car” or “9 second car” comes from, and why it can sometimes be confusing. For example, a track would run a set of 1/4 mile drag races for cars that go no faster than 11 seconds, no faster than 10 seconds, no faster than 9 seconds, etc. A 10 second car is any car that would compete in the 10 second index. So anything between 10.99 and 10.00 seconds. A 9 second car is any car that would compete in the 9 second index. So anything between 9.99 and 9.00 seconds. Etc. Some people use the same terminology for 0-60 times too. So a “5 second car” would mean anything that runs 0-60 in 5.99 to 5.00 seconds. Some other folks would call this a “sub 6 second car”. This can cause some confusion when having or not having the word “sub” in the phrase is upto a 1.99 second difference. For example, the difference between a “sub 6 second car” that does 0-60 in 5.00 seconds, and a “6 second car” that does 0-60 in 6.99 seconds can produce a heated back and forth if people… Read more »

Does any of this matter in real-world driving?

ALL ELECTRIC ALL ELECTRIC…Tesla racing channel is leading the charge in EV promotion in the most anti-EV communities lol