Guinness World Record Attempt: Most People Stuffed In A Tesla Model S P100D – Video


#19 Wedges His Way In

#19 Wedges His Way In

Endurance driver Carl Reese holds multiple Guinness World Records, but this particular attempt at a new record is unlike his other that typically involve driving for days on end.

This Guinness World Record attempt seems a bit easier than driving coast-to-coast in a Tesla Model S in under 58 hours.

What’s the record attempt? Well, it’s rather simple. Cram as many people as possible into a Tesla Model S P100D. Or, officially:

“The most people stuffed into a Telsa Model S P100D”

We’re not so certain this will become a certified Guinness World Record, as rules state all participants must be 18 years of age or older and at least 5-foot tall, but still it’s entertaining to watch all these people wedge their way into the Model S.

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If that guy ever brings his Tesla in for service due to some suspension issue, Tesla can just point to this video and go “NOPE!”. Lol

TIL that your shadow in a video with image stabilization looks like you’re a vampire, or you’re on a segway.

Video was shot with a steady cam while on a hoverboard.

Proof if it’s needed that don’t people have far more money than brains.

I do these record attempts to bring awareness to the combat veterans charity “Motorcycle Relief Project” a non profit that has a PTSD program.
Full press release on PRWeb or my wiki page explains more.

They could’ve fit more if they had dressed up as clowns.

LOL! Yeah, I was thinking this is a really paltry achievement compared to circus clown car stuffing.


Maybe if they all Get Lubed up real good they can sqeeze in a few more in there! l o l..Just throwing that out there in case anymore fools are interested….l m a o …

Well, people always have to stuff themselves into SOMETHING and phone booths aren’t around anymore. Of course, the way some people are with their cell phones while driving, I guess an EV COULD be considered a phone booth.

Why do all humans dress the same? They all wear the same generic blue jeans and just generic bland colors.

Really fascinating how no one has any style.

Thanks, fashion police.

How many Miami Dolphin cheerleaders in bikinis would fit in a model X? I’m available for