Guinness Awards “Longest Journey on Motorized Bicycle” to Troy Rank, E-Bike


It’s official!  Troy Rank on his electric bicycle got recognized for his 4,400 mile (plus) trip on the Guinness World Record site:

“The longest journey on a motorized bicycle is 7,151 km (4,443.4 miles) and was achieved by Troy Rank (USA), who rode throughout the USA between 1 August 2014 to 30 August 2014.

“Troy’s journey started and in Buffalo, New York, USA and took him through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and Pennsylvania before he completed his journey in Ithaca, New York. Troy rode a Maxwell Motorbikes ADV1 electric bicycle.”

There’s a good story on Troy’s exploits on, and you can read all about his trip on his blog,

A few of Troy’s comments about his ride:

Without a support truck, and without much money at all, I was able to have an incredible adventure and see parts the US in a unique way that most people only dream about. When it only takes $25 worth of energy to go 4500 miles, the possibilities for adventure are boundless. Bicycles have always allowed us to do a lot with very little and now e-bikes make it possible to do even more with them, in a way that makes so much sense.

The technology is here and I’m excited to develop the next generation of e-bikes with Maxwell Motorbikes. Motorcycling has fallen by the wayside because of an industry that was convinced that bigger is better. It’s now time for a resurgence of bike that is possible, thanks to the capabilities of E-bikes.

To be completely unencumbered by the shell and mechanics of an automobile, and to be exposed and present in the moment, is exactly why bikes are the most supreme form of transportation.

Here’s a taste.  One of the good days, day 9:

The days got a little “less good” soon after that for a bit. …and here he is breaking the record, Day 28 (@ 7:25):

Troy’s a Systems Engineer at GE Digital Energy in Rochester, a grad of Clarkson University (BSEE, Power Concentration) and currently working on his MS Entrepreneurship degree at Rochester Institute of Technology. He also happens to be the Founder at Maxwell Motorbikes, the bike he built and rode on this epic trip.  Read all about that here: Maxwell Motorbikes

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Yesterday was rainy, and cold. I watched all 30 videos. Two thumbs up. Get some popcorn. Great stuff!

Were there any hills?

In Colorado and Ithaca, NY area for sure. Grades of 10% and below would be no problem for his hub motor. Grades steeper than that could be a problem, unless you have the watts to keep the speed up. Some guys run multi-kilowatt hub motors. Not technically legal, but if you stay at or below moped speeds you can remain invisible. Or running the federal legal 750 watt limit through the bike’s gears allows event loaded cargo bikes to climb double digit grades with no problem, if somewhat slower.

Congratulations to Troy. Interesting to see what was under the hood when he made those field repairs with a propane soldering iron.

Pretty cool adventure. But I was curious about his machine:

At the end of the “day 5” video, he mentions he’s getting 25wh per mile at 22 mph. So I’m guessing there’s not a whole lot of rider input (pedaling) going into this journey?

…. add. then again, that bike looks pretty heavy with a lot of drag and pretty big tires, so he might be pedaling a fair amount … I dunno.