Guide to Electric Cars By Fully Charged – Videos


Fully Charged, together with the Energy Saving Trust, released a comprehensive guide to electric cars through videos with basic info on ownership, mostly aimed at those considering the switch to electric in the UK.

Plug-in electric cars in UK – Go Ultra Low

It’s so well made that even we enjoyed watching all of the episodes.

“In 2017, Robert Llewellyn and the Fully Charged Show team were commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust to make a series of video guides to electric cars to help drivers considering one for their next vehicle.

Many of our viewers have also asked us to address some of their questions about the practicalities of using an electric car so we thought it might be helpful if we made the videos available here on the Fully Charged channel.”

All four episodes, each on a different topic, can be found below:

  • EST Episode 1: Living with an electric car.
  • EST Episode 2: Charging an electric car.
  • EST Episode 3: Driving an electric car.
  • EST Episode 4: Electric cars for businesses and fleets.

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3 responses to "Guide to Electric Cars By Fully Charged – Videos"
  1. Will says:

    They should make one for the US and give it to dealerships for training and exams to sell cars. That way the can understand evs and how to sucker people to buy 35k -45k evs

  2. Get Real says:

    Showing your anti-EV bias Will.

    1. Will says:

      what bias? These dealership can a thing or two from our European brothers. Dealers also sucker people into cars that they dont want.

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