Step-By-Step Guide: BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry


2015 BMW i8

2015 BMW i8

Here’s our “how-to” guide for rear seat entry of the BMW i8.

Step 1: Become a contortionist

Step 2: Yoga classes should be attended prior to attempting entry

Step 3:  Shrink yourself to well under 5 foot 8 inches tall

Step 4: Manage your claustrophobic tendencies through meditation

Step 5:  Give up and admit defeat

Step 6: Buy some custom BMW i8 Louis Vuitton luggage to throw back there, thus saving yourself from ever having to attempt what you’ll see below.

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry Step 1

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry Step 2

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry Step 3

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry Step 4

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry

2015 BMW i8 Rear Seat Entry Step 5

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And I thought my Volt had a small back seat!

Im 5’11 and have plenty of room in the back of the Volt. Now when i sit back in the Model S my head is touching the roof. But thats okay because i’ll gladly sacrifice headroom for a low roofline which means a sportier car 😉

Thanks for this. I was starting to have a small case of BMW i8 envy after reading all of the glowing reviews but this puts the issue to rest.

You see, we actually use our rear seats frequently for adult-sized passengers. I know that’s very weird by American standards, but we do. Which was a big part of why we chose the LEAF over the Focus Electric and Volt (the only two (ER) EVs available in our non-CARB state).

Update: I’m still sitting in the back seat of the i8 and it’s now 20 hours later. I couldn’t get out after squeezing in and BMW wouldn’t let them use the jaws of life to assist my extraction so I have to sit here until I lose enough weight so I can get out. I’ll live blog as long as I can until I pass out from hunger

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Call a local BMW dealer, they may be able to provide you with OEM Extraction Grease. Not sure off the top of my head what the part number is though.

Maybe you can pull out your Nokia Communicator phone from Q-branch and drive the i8 out of the Javits center, 007 style. 😉

Its an exotic sports car, not a family sedan. What do people expect? Just be glad that it has back seats at all.

If the seats aren’t practical for people to sit in, I’d rather see the space put to other uses, like actual useful storage space.

And a more serious battery underneath it.

I wondered about the 5kwh battery, too. IMO, the i8 shows the fork in the road of PHEV development, where on one side it is about replacing gas miles and on the other it’s the discharge / recharge rates of more agressive driving.

I doubt many here practice both fuel conserving driving techniques with the occassional hobby of driving on a race track, but if you did you might find it easier to appreciate how rapid, and intense, braking efforts are the well they are trying to draw from.

I’d choose EREV, too, but respect what they are up to, as much as I do the look of this thing. Heck, they’re the only company on the planet with a compelling trio of BEV, “Sports PHEV” and EREV.

“Sports PHEV” – you heard it here, first.

The seats are there for insurance purposes. A 2+2 sports car is statistically cheaper to insure than a 2 seater.

How cynical. And silly . . . if you are buying a $135K car, is the insurance cost going to change your mind?

Still 3x roomier than the Porsche 911 back “seat”…

The front seats do not slide forward? That would reduce the extent of Step 1 at least 😉

No, they don’t vdiv.

You could use the power seat switch to move it up, but there is no manual lever to quickly bend the seat forward and slide it up.

Very funny!

If you think that is a bad back seat, take a look at the Scion FRS back seat.

My friend has one, and he is 5 ft. 9 inches tall, and when he adjusts the front driver seat for himself, there is ZERO leg room in the seat behind him.

My MGB GT had a “rear seat” too, that didn’t mean I was crazy enough to let an adult try to use it.