Group Buy Deal Drives Price Of BMW i3 Down To Just $24,944

DEC 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Northern Colorado Group Buy Program for BMW i3 (see details)

Northern Colorado Group Buy Program for BMW i3 (see details)

The Drive Electric Northern Colorado community-wide initiative soothes bills for electric cars by negotiating group buy deals with dealers.

Do you remember the shocking $10,623 2015 Nissan LEAF deal from a few weeks ago? Now there is a $24,944 2015 BMW i3 available through January 4, 2016.

Offer is time limited and applies only to 2015 BMW i3s in Colorado’s BMW Center’s stock, so if you would like to benefit and claim the EV tax credits for 2015, then the time to act is now.

According to the Drive Electric Northern Colorado, effective price of the car after all savings is around 44% lower than the i3 price tag before any incentives.

Special Deal on BMW i3: Pre-Negotiated, Hassle-Free Price
Drive Electric Northern Colorado Group Buy Expands to Include BMW i3—Co’s BMW Offers $6,000 Off the Award-Winning EV

Due to the overwhelming response from our community to the special deal on 2015 and 2016 Nissan LEAFs through Tynan’s Nissan, DENC has expanded the Northern Colorado Group Buy to now include the BMW i3. Co’s BMW Center in Loveland is taking $6,000 off the retail price of $44,444, and with federal and state tax credits applied, consumers can expect to save approximately 44 percent.

Electric vehicles reduce vehicle emissions and oil consumption. Now Northern Coloradoans can “drive electric” in the  award-winning BMW i3 at a pre-negotiated, discounted price.”

Source: Drive Electric Northern Colorado

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Not good Harald Krüger confirmed bigger battery for 2016, no all wait…same problem was before 2016 Leaf arrived.

You can get a 3 year lease, all cars improve, especially electric.

Dang.. if I could get an i3 Rex anywhere near that price, I’d take one.

These are pretty much the same deals we saw at the BMW dealer in Fairfax Va. a while back. We were quoted a price of almost $500 a month after the price was adjusted for the options on the car. So no thanks.

Santa Maria BMW in California is offering $7K off MSRP on2015’s according to This deal is only $6K off MSRP from BMW. The Colorado rebate helps a lot though.

Geee! What are they smoking in Colorado?

Weed (legal in Colorado, too)! ROFL

Pretty nice deal, had this been in place when I bought my 2015 Leaf in October, I would have given the bimmer serious consideration.

These deals may spur Colorado to reduce their extremely generous EV incentive. And they honestly should reduce it before some jerks demagogue it and completely eliminate it like they did down in Georgia.

Colorado is a very different situation than Georgia. Consider the technical details: First, the tax credit applies to purchases, not leases. There is a much smaller credit ($1-2k, depends upon a complicated formula) for leases. In Georgia the credit also applied to leases so people were leasing cars for two years virtually for free. Second, the credit is linked to the price of the car and the size of the battery, with $6k being the maximum for one car. Third, Colorado EVs pay a $50 fee annually, 40% of which goes to recharging infrastructure, to offset the loss of gas taxes. But more important are the political details. Nationally, the Republican Party has gone full blown truther with regard to Climate Change and opposes anything that is perceived to either help the environment or reduce profits for the fossil fuel industry. There is a lot of that in Colorado, but there is still also a reasonable legacy of old-style conservation Republicans. Add in the fact that Republicans are a slight minority in the state and they just aren’t likely to get the sort of momentum to overturn the EV laws, or the other pro-solar laws that are primarily meant to… Read more »

When the unsubsidized retail prices of plug-ins get to $25K, they should start flying off the car lots.

“The Drive Electric Northern Colorado community-wide initiative soothes bills for electric cars by negotiating group buy deals with dealers.”

To me, this is the real story here; not the details about one group deal for the BMW i3. If one group in northern Colorado can do it, can other groups in other States do the same?

Even if this is a bottom-up, grass-roots movement, it could still be a real game changer for the EV revolution!


This seems like a lot of hype (especially the headline)…basically, it is a $6K off retail deal which I don’t think is terribly difficult to get on an i3 these days…