Gridscape Solutions To Help CarCharging Integrate Nissan DC Fast Chargers With Blink Network

MAY 23 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

Charged Up and Well in the Lead

Charged Up and Well in the Lead

Nissan LEAF Gets a Quick Charge

Nissan LEAF Gets a Quick Charge

Approximately one year ago, Car Charging Group bought 48 Nissan DC fast chargers, which should’ve been installed by December 31, 2013.

We are not sure how those installations went, because in the meantime Car Charging Group got busy acquiring ECOtality, but now the company would like to integrate them into the Blink Network, which now has nearly 35,000 “active” members.  The integration task fell on Gridscape Solutions.

“Gridscape Solutions will design a turnkey hardware and software solution to integrate the Nissan DC Fast Chargers with the Blink Network. This solution would expand network options for EV charging service hosts by providing the opportunity to select the Blink Network to operate and manage their Nissan DC Fast Charger and provide service to the nearly 35,000 active Blink members nationwide.”

Car Charging Group would like to connect to the Blink Network the various Nissan DC Fast Chargers owned by independent owners, just like ChargePoint is doing.

Since it turned out that ECOtality DC Blink chargers weren’t too reliable, Car Charging Group needed to figure out how to add to the network DC fast chargers from different suppliers.

Several Nissan DC Fast Chargers should blink appear on the Blink Network by June 2014.

“CarCharging is already working with Nissan to make EV charging more readily available and to expand consumer awareness of the electric car market.  As part of these initiatives, CarCharging is initially deploying 48 Nissan-branded quick chargers and will continue to educate consumers about how the EV charging infrastructure enhances the adoption and use of electric cars.”

Interesting is that Gridscape Solutions was doing similar things for NRG eVgo, which is using Nissan branded chargers too.

Michael D. Farkas, Founder and CEO of CarCharging remarked:

“CarCharging has always been supportive of solutions that provide interoperability of EV charging stations and purchasing the Blink Network provided us with the ability to expand access to the network. As we have with Nissan, we welcome working with other EV charging service equipment manufacturers to truly expand the compatibility of EV charging stations and networks.”

Vipul Gore, Chief Executive Officer of Gridscape Solutions commented:

“Interoperability is key element that will fuel explosive growth and wide scale adoption of electric vehicles. Given our broad experience in developing high quality interoperable solutions for EV charging networks, we are excited to partner with CarCharging in its mission and applaud its efforts in leading this industry to open, interoperable solutions.”

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This can’t happen fast enough. We have an overabundance of level 2 chargers but practically no DCQCers. It’s the latter that really makes a difference, IMHO. Although with the introduction of the BMW i3 and VW e-Golf this year, I hope they start deploying dual-standard chargers.

I also hope they make it to profitability soon. If they can’t, then that doesn’t bode well for the EV industry, at least as anything more than a commuter car.

Yeah, if they deploy lots of dual-standard Quickchargers, I really think that could give the EV market a HUGE boost.

And Chrysler & Ford need to put SAE-CCS DC fast charger ports on their EVs. They signed up to the standard so put your f’ing money where your mouth is!

We need more but there are a super growing number of nationwide QuickChargers on Plugshare and the app!

Oh, bloody ‘ell. It’s on the Blink. 😉

Why is she on the phone, plugging in her Chademo, AND smiling.

That’s creepy.

Just because doing that while gassing would lead to frowning..

Has she have to wait t’ill it’s filled up!
Blame it on the phone disturbance.