GreenTech Prices New City EV From $17,410, Sedan From $21,250

SEP 23 2014 BY JAY COLE 8

GreeTech Automotive's Two NEV Vehicles Priced

GreeTech Automotive’s Two NEV Vehicles Priced

GTA MyCar Priced

GTA MyCar Priced

With the production facilities in Mississippi apparently up and running, GTA – GreenTech Automotive has priced its two city car all-electric vehicles.

The 2 seat MyCar with a reported range of up to 65 miles a charge starts from $17,140, while the G2 sedan with 55-60 miles of range has seating for 4 and startsĀ at $21,250 (includes A/C)

Both cars have a limited top speed of no more than 35 miles per hour.

The full spec sheets are below but interestingly the smaller MyCar has a 16.7 kWh LiFeP04 battery, while the larger sedan is equipped with a 12.2 kWh pack.

GTA MyCar Specs (click to enlarge)

GTA MyCar Specs (click to enlarge)

GTA G2 Sedan Specs (click to enlarge)

GTA G2 Sedan Specs (click to enlarge)

Additional info and order details can be found at GTA’s website.

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8 Comments on "GreenTech Prices New City EV From $17,410, Sedan From $21,250"

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I think this is going to be a tough sell, since it is going to cost near what an i-MiEV does. It is also unlikely to be as robust, since it is a low speed vehicle aka neighborhood electric vehicle.

I wish them the best but this will be a blood bath.
why on earth do they think they will be able to sell a car that only goes 35 mph with a range of only 60 miles at over $20k when there are already other cars out there that have far better performance specs and cost the same?

Worse yet, the other cars aren’t selling well either (MiEV).

You need to be either better than your competition or come at a price discount.

These may have worked 10 years ago but no way today.

This auto maker is going to get their furry butt handed to them. In that as of now I can buy a used leaf for $12,000 or a used Mitsubishi i-miev that is fully expressway legal.

What I don’t understand is that right now we have tons of people building electric cars in their garages that have 80 to 120 miles of range and can go at 50 to 70 miles on hour. As of now you wouldn’t be legally able to take these cars on most major roads in Virginia.

Those flyers are so full of mistakes, it will just confuse everyone.

I’m currently shopping for a commuter/runabout that seats 4.

I’d consider a G2 as a commuter/runabout if it were 1/2 the price of a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. The Mycar would have to come in at around $8000.

Priced anywhere beyond that, I’ll take the additional utility and DOT certified safety of the Mitsubishi.

Yes, it does feel strange to refer to the i-MiEV as relatively safe.

Then again, compared to converting a 1960s or 1970s era car to electric as I was originally planning, any vehicle that passes today’s DOT standards is a tank by comparison.

This is a disaster in the making. An iMiEV is cheaper (due to tax credit) and better.

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This company still smells like a scam to me, and always has. I don’t know the angle, but there’s is undoubtedly an angle that’s going to leave someone or a lot of someones on the hook for millions. I hate that the EV industry as a whole might get a black eye from this misadventure.