Green Mobility To Expand Car Sharing Fleet In Denmark By 450 Renault ZOE


Green Mobility's Renault ZOE

Green Mobility’s Renault ZOE

Green Mobility and Renault have raised the bar when it comes to car sharing in Denmark.  The duo announced that 450 ZOEs will be introduced into Copenhagen by the end of this year.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest one-off fleet order for any car sharing program’s launch, the previous standard bearer was BMW’s DriveNow program with 400 i3.

For Renault, such an order is major boost, as in all of 2015 only 330 ZOEs were registered in Denmark.  Similarly important last year, was the 400 i3s out of a total of 645 BMW plug-ins ultimately registered in 2015.

More about the Green Mobility here.

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Impressive news – for once! – from Denmark regarding EVs! A 450 strong fleet is obviously tiny compared to the total number of cars, but considering that Cooenhagen is only one million people it is impressive to set a world record!

450 fleet cars is arguably more significant than if they sold 450 cars to private owners. Each of these will expose many people to the EV driving experience for probably the first time. Hopefully they will come away from it remembering something more than having range anxiety..!

Denmark with at least 40% of electricity coming from renewables makes the energy the Zoes will use particularly clean.