Green Electric Buses From BYD Delivered To Malmö


CMP receives Chinese electric buses in Malmö

CMP receives Chinese electric buses in Malmö

BYD recently delivered two electric buses to Malmö, Sweden where they will be used for local bus services in Ängelholm and Eskilstun.

These are the first Chinese EV buses unloaded at CMP’s vehicle terminal in Malmö, Scandinavia’s largest car port.

“CMP has been working for a long time to position the ports of Malmö and Copenhagen on the Chinese market and these efforts have now been rewarded when BYD, the world-leading supplier of electric buses and taxis, delivers its electricity-powered buses to the port in Malmö. “

Johan Röstin, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB said:

“Receiving the first electric buses from China today is a significant and strategically important happening for us. It is especially pleasing that we are collaborating with a partner that focuses on sustainability and advanced green technology, something that is exactly in line with CMP’s own efforts.”

“We have long experience of handling and receiving heavy vehicles like buses and lorries, what we call “rolling goods”. This experience and the port’s strategic location make us an attractive partner and player for further transport within Scandinavia and out to Europe.”

CMP receives Chinese electric buses in Malmö

BYD ebus

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BYD makes some top quality Electric Buses. We got to ride on them in the Phoenix area last month. Their long range touring bus was very comfortable and smooth. The city bus is super efficient turning every stop into a REGENERATIVE Energy addition.
The BYD E6 small SUV was what you would expect from Tesla with very long range and a dash with loads of information. I was very impressed.

Careful with positive comments about the e6 on this board 🙂

I traveled on a BYD bus in Cuba. Very comfortable indeed.

Eskilstuna <= with an a at the end. A medium sized city with 100 000 inhabitants. It has a very beautiful river running through the city centre.


Keep them coming !

Would be interesting to read some data like battery capacity, number and power of the electric engines, range. I guess they will use the BYD LiFePo4 battery technology with which I am more than satisfied on my ebike.

There are supposed to be 7. 2 for Eskilstuna and 5 for Ängelholm (which is quite a lot considering that they will have 8 buses in total in city traffic).