Grass Fed Coffee Wraps Tesla Model X In Cow Print – Video


Grass Fed Coffee Model X

Grass Fed Coffee Model X

Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves himself some cowbells, so this cow-wrapped Tesla Model X is probably it too his liking as well.

Video description:

We’re about to hit the roads to thank our backers and supporters! In order to make sure you don’t miss us, we custom wrapped our eco-friendly, electric crossover Tesla Model X with bold graphics that represent the best of our brand, Grass Fed Cows! Look for us on the streets of Southern California as we drive around sharing small tokens of appreciation to all those who have shown us support & love!

Teslarati provides us with some additional background on Grass Fed Coffee:

“What better way to celebrate the launch of the world’s first ready to drink butter coffee than to transform a Tesla Model X into a flying cow? Grass Fed Coffee wrapped in a specially designed cow motif fueled by “762 cowpower”, the Model X will help introduce people to the this innovative new beverage. The product began with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that exceeded its target by 500%.”

To watch the Model X get wrapped, check out the video above. For more info on Grass Fed Coffee, follow the link below.

Source: Teslarati

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Cows, Teslas, Model X, Cowbell, sure– why not…

I wish someone would do a Tesla coil one like from the Frankenstein movies. That would be on the hood and images of: Tesla Maxwell, Faraday, Einstein, superimposed on the various body-panels.
It’s Alive:

Anyway.. Musk thinks we live in a video game, i.e. some sort of matrix. OK, sure then this implies a superior or perhaps supreme being, so…
God is Dead–Nietzsche
God(s) is/are not dead, he/she/they is/are Nerd(s) Supreme–Elon Musk

A mathematician he is not…

He’s worked out that if only he drives the car enough miles, it “is free for him”. I’d say that requires a bit more explanation, but I’m pretty sure whatever he meant it doesn’t mean what he actually said. Maybe “free” means something like “it costs the same as a BMW 3-series if you keep it for its life and run it 200,000 miles” – which may be accurate for all I know. But he’d never claim that the 3-series is free, even “for him”.