Graphed: Tesla Model S Deliveries


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Based mostly on quarterly reports and InsideEVs’ estimations of Model S deliveries in the US, we threw data on the graphs to see what its looks like…graphically.

What we see first (above)are Model S deliveries, which began in the middle of 2012 and grew since then (year-over-year) every quarter up to 9,834 at the end of 2014.

The growth of worldwide deliveries for the last year is stable at ~40% year-over-year, although in North America deliveries eased when Tesla began to shift sales to Europe.

The bump in Q4′ 2014 occurred after the Tesla Factory upgrade and introduction of P85D.

Below we see the cumulative numbers of deliveries, which in first two years was rather linear. In more recent quarters, North America is responsible for over 50% of deliveries (roughly 60% in Q4’2014).

The total number of deliveries by the end of 2014 stood at approximately 57,000 (~ 38,000 in NA).

Tesla Models S Deliveries Cumulative (quarterly)

Tesla Models S Deliveries Cumulative (quarterly)

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It looks like a geometric progression.

Looks good for Tesla, still new markets in the world where Tesla is not available yet.

A stacked bar chart showing US and non-US would demonstrate the totals better. Good work though.

Next year’s charts will be interesting, with two models on the market.