Grandma’s First Ride In Tesla Model S – Video


EV Grin On Grandma

EV Grin On Grandma

“Took my grandma on a trip in the Tesla, not sure how she’d react…”

Need we really add anything more?

The EV grin is present as “Grandma” experiences the raw power of the Tesla Model S.  “Grandma” even seems blown away by some of the features found on the Model S.

It seems like even the older generations are coming around to today’s leading automobile technology.

It may take awhile to convince our elders that electric is the future, but this “Grandma” seems more than accepting of the fact that ICE will be on its way out once everyone has had some electric seat time…Or Tesla time.


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Great example of why I keep saying that one of the most important components of the EVolution right now is those of us who already own an EV. Give people rides, tell them how little you pay for “fuel” or maintenance, etc. It’s very easy to do this without sounding like a snake oil salesman. Have your facts straight (remember: accuracy is your friend when reality is on your side), don’t oversell or be obnoxious, and tell people how much more fun/less hassle EV ownership is compared to an ICE.

“Instant Torque” is not something people can experience outside of an EV. Smooth power application is new as well.

The way I describe “instant torque” to people is to have them drive in 2nd gear at ~4000 RPM at a steady speed, then press the accelerator. Your car immediately lurches forward because the engine it at its power peak. Then I explain, you don’t have to run your EV in such a way, but the same power is available all the time.