Grand Opening Of Tesla Motors’ First Supercharger In Canada – Video


“Tesla Motors has opened its first Supercharger station in Canada, off the Sea to Sky Highway. It offers free charging to owners of the Model-S electric car. It can travel 480-kilometres on a single charge.”

See our previous Squamish, BC Supercharger post for more details. on Canada’s first Tesla Supercharger.

Grand opening Of Tesla's First Supercharger In Canada

Grand opening Of Tesla’s First Supercharger In Canada

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Great first step! Can’t wait to see if they can open up the other dozen or so by year’s end and maybe we will see TransCanada Hwy Coverage in 2015?

Well the good thing about Canada is you don’t have to cover the entire country to cover the entire country.

It’s a good thing in China too 😛

(Or in Australia sometime in 2062 when they understand that digging up coal and burning it might not be the brightest thing to do).