Grand Opening Of FastNed Quick Charging Network In Netherlands – 200 Quick Chargers Coming in 2 Years (w/video)

DEC 6 2013 BY MARK KANE 11

ABB Terra23

ABB Terra 3-plug version

FastNed is beginning to transform the Netherlands into Fast Netherlands, with 200 quick charging stations to be deployed over the next 2 years.

At the official launch of the network, FastNed announced the opening of the 4 first units and stated that it plans to add 1 station every 1-2 weeks on average.

Because building such an infrastructure is costly – €200,000 per station, FastNed will look for investors next year.

“Fastned has started the construction of 200 fast charging stations along Dutch highways. In order to roll out the network a total of 40 million Euro is required in the next 2 years. To this end Fastned will give out certificates of shares of the Fastned Company in the first quarter of 2014. Certificates will cost around 10 Euro and the same conditions will apply to all investors – both small and large. In this way anybody can join us in our quest to build – and become owner of – the infrastructure of the future.”

The FastNed network will be commercial, so don’t count on free electricity. Quick recharges will be priced at around €10 (we believe €10 flat rate). ABB chargers with power of 50 kW will have CHAdeMO, Combo 2 and probably AC Type 2 plugs, so all cars with a fast charging option can use it.

FastNed evaluates breakeven at about 30,000 EVs stopping for juice every week.

Will this be viable?  It depends on EV sales in the Netherlands. Last month, we reported on 4,500 plug-ins sold in the Netherlands, but a big chunk of those don’t have the quick charging option (Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid), Teslas will have superchargers with free 120 kW and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s owners probably won’t be interested in recharging at €10 for just 20 miles of range when they have on-board back-up.

Anyways, we wish FastNed all the best.

FastNed Quick Charging Network In Netherlands

FastNed Quick Charging Network In Netherlands

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I hope they can survive the first couple of years.

Charging networks are a chicken-and-egg problem. They are needed to expand the market appeal of BEVs, esp. the <100 mile range ones (i.e., everything except Tesla which as you write already has its system).

However, as long as BEVs are still a fraction of vehicles on the road, and their owners use them mostly for commuting and errands and thing thrice before embarking on longer adventures, the revenue stream for commercial charging operators just isn't there.

It's a classic case where government support for this infrastructure in one way or another (as well as EV-maker support) is critical, until there is the charging market scales up.

With as much saturation of the Netherlands as they are planning to have after the next couple of years, if I lived there I would feel comfortable buying an electric car and not worrying about range. The map makes it look as if you could run the battery all the way out and end up stopping next to a station.

Ouch, break-even at 30,000 a week. . . I want them to succeed but that seems mighty high, if QC enabled EVs don’t sell in the 1000-3000 a month range for all of 2014. hmm…

They should have added an “E” for electric, and called it “FastENed”.

Motto could be .. “Fastened to the Future”

(sorry, it’s a Friday)

What they should do is develop their own cost optimized chargers instead of buying products from the obtuse and incompetent like that ABB.
Because a 125A CHAdeMO charger can be done dirt cheap compared to the ridiculous prices so far asked. I’d say below 300$ for the power electronics and maybe 500$ BOM for the whole charger. If you don’t try to hard to imitate a gas station.
And I suggest minimalism in the design of the stations. Not flashy looking roofs like the one in the video. It has to work, it’s not showbiz.

And why not cooperate with Tesla? share locations.

You will not be able to build a quick charger for 500$. The empty outdoor case alone costs 500$.

I buy a lot of ABB products. They are very cost competitive.

Dead in the water. This needs 30K stops a week made by (PH)EV owners who will end up paying way more for electricity than they would have to pay for gasoline to get the extra range. The exception being Model S but the chargers are too slow for users to get their €10 worth in a reasonable time and they will end up using the Quicker and free Superchargers anyway. Seriously, don’t even bother.

I hope they succeed, because on my yearly trip to Germany, I have to pass through Eindhoven and Venlo, so their fast charges along that route would be very handy. €10 a charge seems relatively steep though.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Flat per-charge or per-hour fees are a waste of time. Only per-kWh or flat monthly charges make sense, and only if they’re rational or subsidized.

Exactly. And they’re charging more than twice the household rate, if you make the conversion.