Grand Coulee Dam Adds 27 Electric Utility Vehicles – (w/video)

DEC 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 17

Deputy Power Manager Doug Anderson says he’s eager to get behind the wheel.

Deputy Power Manager Doug Anderson says he’s eager to get behind the wheel.

Who would’ve thought that the Jeep and Hummer descendants would be electric?

Grand Coulee Dam (the largest dam in the U.S.) became the proud owner of the brand new fleet of 27 EXV4 Patriot and EXV2 Patriot Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (limited to 25 mph top speed) delivered by e-ride Industries.

Both models are equipped with lithium-ion batteries and will be used at dam, which also provides all the power needed to charge the EVs.

We are not sure about range, but the lead-acid base version of EXV4 was rated at up to 55 miles, so we expect these 2 models to fare even better.

It’s expected that fuel consumption by conventional vehicles used at the dam will decrease by 10-15% from a cost of around $100,000 annually.

“…27 electric utility trucks purchased by the Bureau of Reclamation for use at Grand Coulee Dam this fall. The EUVs, as they’re known, are driving a green car pilot project that delivers low-maintenance, zero emissions utility vehicles for use at the giant power complex in northeast Washington State.

The lithium-ion battery powered EUVs will help meet lower greenhouse gas emissions goals and also solve a chronic vehicle shortage for making short trips around the hydro power complex.”

“The trucks, built by e-ride Industries in of Princeton, Minnesota, were specially outfitted for use at Grand Coulee. “After they brought their needs to us, we outfitted a vehicle specifically for them with a high performance package, with the full enclosure, toolboxes, ladder rack and pull out bed tray,” says Kurt Bauerly, e-ride Industries General Manager.

Whether for short trips carrying people or equipment, EUV’s are designed to handle a 1000 pound payload and reach a top speed of 25 mph with plenty of torque to make it up steep grades around the power plant complex.”

Deputy Power Manager Doug Anderson said:

“It’s a large power complex and not very far from place to place, but there’s an awful lot of small trips, short trips that employees make each day. That’s hard on vehicles and a poor use of a fossil fuel powered car,”.

Source: Bureau of Reclamation via Green Car Congress

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’bout dam time.

Yea! Dam it!..l o l …………

Pretty cool

These same little e-ride industries trucks were tested by the U.S. Postal Service back in 2011.

The postal service in Norway and La Poste in France are using the Kangoo ZE electric vans. There are over 5,000 Kangoo EV vans in use in France out of a total of some 25,000 electric vehicles of various types that are being used by la Poste.

For a short interesting history of electric postal trucks and vans in the U.S., just hit the link below. This article has lots of photos going all the way back to 1899 and was written by “The official U.S. Postal Service Historian”. Wahoo !!

For a moment I was confusing that dam with this…

Where is the fish? 😀

They get the juice to recharge the vehicles from the Dam? That’s reassuring.

Hope they don’t run out of water.

About ANY car can be adapted to electricty, because it is much simpler than all the stuff needed for the gas engine

Too bad we can’t have 50-60mph versions of these small vehicles.
EV’s cost by the lb as more weight, more battery needed.
But for what they are being used for here 25mph is fine and hard to find a better vehicle or it.
Industries of all kinds have always used EV drives for vehicles like these, forklifts, etc since 1900, when electric cars and trucks were the majority by far.

At least here, the powered by coal argument doesn’t hold water. Hahahahahahahaha

To funny Mark

I wouldn’t want to meet the ugly stick that hit these poor things.

I’ll bet used LEAFs would have been cheaper.

Pretty neat, I wonder what these things cost. I went to their website but couldn’t find any pricing, just the option to call or email for a quote. Not really in the market for one, just curious about pricing. Anyone have any knowledge on this?

Exactly what I was wondering: cost. If past gov’t spending is any indication, it’s probably very expensive. It might’ve been better to get several “Amazing Ghana, Car Which Runs On Just Cells”

To answer your question, the total purchase price for Grand Coulee Dam’s electric utility vehicles is $881,000. There are 14 four passenger models at $32,381. each, and 13 two passenger utility models at $32,902.50. The purchase contract includes shipping and training.

The Road Warrior won’t be happening any time soon.