Gorillaz App Has Identified 2,000 Possible, Clever Workers For JLR

Jaguar's Noodle App


Jaguar's Noodle App

JLR is in “desperate” need of more software engineers.

If you’ve already got a virtual brand ambassador called Noodle, why not throw her digital self into an augmented reality app and use it as a way to filter out smart people for possible job offers. That’s what Jaguar Land Rover is doing with its partnership with the virtual band Gorillaz and the band’s app. So far, 51,000 people have tried the app, but only 2,000 have managed to solve the mystery that the automaker helped build into the app.

The challenge is made up of, “a series of code breaking puzzles that will test their curiosity, persistence, lateral thinking and problem solving skills – all real world attributes of a new generation of software and engineering talent,” JLR said in a release last month. The app also focuses attention on electric driving, with parts about Formula E and Jaguar’s upcoming I-Pace electric CUV. The software “[educates] users about the benefits of electric vehicles, involves assembling the Jaguar I-PACE Concept, Jaguar’s first all-electric five-seater sports car. Users can learn about the vehicle’s performance, battery technology, space, charging and range.”

Passing the aptitude test doesn’t mean you get a job. It’s just a way to get placed at the top of the list for possible hires, Jaguar’s Nathan Hoyt, the product communications manager for JLR North America, told InsideEVs today. JLR has promised it will hire 1,000 software engineers in the next year, and the app is one way for a potential employee to get noticed. JLR has a “desperate” need for software engineers, Hoyt said.

In 2016, Jaguar Land Rover started a STEM initiative with Gorillaz, and founding member and female guitarist Noodle is now the Racing Ambassador for the Jaguar’s Formula E team. The Gorillaz App is available for iPhones and Android Phones.

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The solution is Open Source and Free software. If automakers were more open a lot more resources would be saved and usable for really new features. All this “Clever Workers” working behind closed doors and producing more patents than code only make cars more expensive and slow progress.

It’s called competition. They realize the software running their cars in the near future will likely be a way to distinguish their products from their competition. The more they can innovate and differentiate, the more can potentially charge for their products. You have to remember these are for profit companies trying to win.

There are less than 400ppm of qualified people in the globe to perform a fundamental science/electronic design engineering/ground breaking software development.

I wished it wasn’t so, as the world is in desperate need of more qualified people to prepare for next century.

Hope they attract hidden talent!

As a software engineer I have to laugh at this often-repeated line, “over a million lines of code” (also common is “millions of lines of code”).

This is banded about as if it said something meaningful about how advanced their technology is. In reality, a large codebase is almost always a sign of poor quality!

A lot of programmers forget this as well a lot of the time, but code is NOT what software engineers are supposed to make; great SOFTWARE is what we should deliver. And more code is nearly always worse, all else being equal.

If you can get the functionality and user experience that you want with fifty thousand lines, that’s obviously a huge advantage compared to having millions!

Then again, based on the user experience in any infotainment system in a car I’ve ever seen, it’s hardly surprising they don’t know what they’re doing!

“Then again, based on the user experience in any infotainment system in a car I’ve ever seen, it’s hardly surprising they don’t know what they’re doing!”
That’s why the solution won’t come from an ICE company, in term of software engineering, they are always lagging behind state of art, they have not the software culture …

And maybe Tesla doesn’t either. Chris Lattner left the company only a few months of going there. He said that he and Musk couldn’t work together.

Every marketing person understands well how to advertise “more”. You see this effect everywhere. Cars get bigger with every iteration. Eventually a Civic is larger than an Accord was.

More must be better. More code. More better. Write the ad copy.