Google Search: Tesla Leads Automakers In Norway & China


According to TeslaMondo, from April 2014 through March 2015, Tesla was more searched on Google in Norway and China than any other automaker.

Norway loves electric cars, so it’s not surprising to see Tesla lead there.  However, seeing Tesla lead the way in China is a shocker.

TeslaMondo writes:

“Google says from April 2014 to March 2015, Tesla won Norway (expected) and China (unexpected). Is the trend still alive? If so, it can’t hurt. Chinese people are at least curious. That’s the first step to killing the cat, you know.”

“Looking forward, TeslaMondo predicts Australia will soon replace the Toyota “T” with the Tesla “T.”

Source: TeslaMondo

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One caveat for China is that only 1.7% of the population uses Google.

“As of November 2013, Google’s search share has declined to 1.7% from its August 2009 level of 36.2%.”

Yeah, for China I’d rather see the results from Bidu

You can. Daily searches by brand here:

BTW, I don’t find Tesla in the Top 50

Yes, I immediately thought of that reading the article. AFAIK, Google Search isn’t accessible in much/most of CHina, because it wouldn’t submit to Chinese Censorship (*). By far the most significant searhc engine is the homegrown Baidu.
Given that, this is a meaningless story.

(*)Unfortunately Google is about to allow itself to be censored for access to the Chinese market, but it’ll take a while yet.

Also, there’s no indication how Searhc was measured. Did they look at latin characters only? In non-Latin-script countries, BMW tends to be written in LAtin script, but non-acronym carmakers (e.g., Ford), tend to be written in local scripts.

Basically all brands have Chinese transcripts, including Tesla, Ford, BMW…
Chinese never talk about any car brand with its Latin script.

The results might be for hongkong where they have access to google more

And then saying its the resultat for China? That would be like having Puerto Rico represent all of USA.

New Zealand looks to be into the Outlander PHEV with Mitsubishi winning the search.