Google Gets Envision Solar EV ARC Charging Station


EV ARC Solar Charger

Random Image Of EV ARC Solar Charger

Envision Solar International has deployed one of its fully autonomous, mobile, solar powered EV ARC Electric Vehicle Charging stations to Google in Silicon Valley.

“EV ARC is a cost-effective, easy-to-install, stand-alone solar charging station that solves many of the problems faced by employers looking to provide electric vehicle charging stations for their employees. The charging station does not require a foundation, trenching, any building permits or grid connection and the batteries on board provide charging all day and night, added Envision.”

Desmond Wheatley, president and CEO of Envision Solar, stated:

“The EV ARC has received great reception throughout California by major employers and governments.  Many of our customers are especially concerned about reducing their carbon footprint at all levels. They appreciate that Envision Solar’s product portfolio uniquely enables their employees and fleets to not only access the charging infrastructure they require, but also the opportunity to drive on sunshine – the best way to truly drive emission free. The EV ARC is a paradigm shifting technology that is very appealing to anyone who has faced significant challenges due to construction, trenching, permitting and grid connection.”

EV ARC generates approximately 16 kilowatt-hours per day.  The juice is stored in a 22 kilowatt-hour on-board battery storage system.

Wheatley adds:

“One of the main prerequisites to mass adoption of electric vehicles is having broadly dispersed and rapidly deployed charging stations.  The EV ARC is ideal for any entity looking for rapid, hassle-free deployments of a charging infrastructure without all the challenges associated with conventional units. The fact that the energy is clean and renewable, unlike 75 percent of America’s grid supplied electricity, is important too. EV ARC makes EVs truly emissions free. It changes the deployment story and further advances us to a day when range anxiety is a thing of the past.”

Full details on the unit can be found here.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Hopefully a number of these could be installed together and crosswired/crossbatteried, 16kWh/day is a bit low, a bit less than 3h worth of 6.6kW charging..

afaik it only does 120 and 240.

I want one of these but 39k is toooo much! I’d ay 20k today…..


How much?

This would be fun for my driveway maybe if they had a version that was $5000 sometime in the future these could be really popular.

But I wounder it looks like could you build your own solar charger system for less.

I am a huge advocate for solar PV but this is total nonsense. Even assuming 280W panels and a more efficient derating than typical, that silly thing will only put out at best 14kWh at Google’s location. That’s also assuming it’s facing south without shading (pic shows building and lots of trees).

That 14kWh (alleged 16kWh) MAX will not be available for the EV, it will be less after conversion losses, battery storage and re-conversion back to AC.

Oh and in winter? You’ll see only 7.5kWh/day best case. Current technology isn’t up to snuff yet to allow for mobile off-grid solar charging of standard BEVs. This is just a waste of money that is better spent on a regular grid-tied solar carport.

I’d love a solar car port, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my HOA wouldn’t exactly appreciate it…

I’m sure it’s got the ability to grid tie, so it doesn’t do any harm if it succeeds in selling a lot. Anything to reduce prices of complete BMS’s.