Golfer Graeme Storms Wins BMW i8 At European Masters (w/video)


BMW i8 Advertisement In Which I8 Races A Golf Cart

BMW i8 Advertisement In Which I8 Races A Golf Cart

When your golf game is in the dumps, shooting a hole-in-one probably isn’t expected, but for English golfer Graeme Storm, that’s precisely what happened this past weekend at the Omega European Masters.

With the hole-in-one Storm won a stunning BMW i8 plug-in hybrid.

Storm stated:

“To win something like that is marvelous. I have not got a car at the moment so it’s not a bad start is it? I can’t afford one at the moment, I have played that bad this year I’ve had to give it back.”

From not being able to afford a car to getting handed the keys to a brand-new BMW i8 all with a single swing of the club.

“I did not expect to shoot a score like that today to be honest because I have been struggling all year, so to be in this position is marvelous.”

The video below captures the sheer joy that overcomes Storm when he sinks the shot.

Editor’s Note: If you are in a country where this video is not accessible, check out the slightly less professional footage of, well…the footage

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The uploader has not made the video available in your [my] country.

Ah yes, that can happen from time-to-time…regional rights and all that.

I’ve embed another video of the same event into the thread you can see. the always popular ‘video of a video’ workaround, (=

Thanks for that. Great story.

I could do that. But, the catch is I’d need a million attempts handicap. 🙂