Going Airborne In A Tesla Model 3 – Video

Tesla Model 3


It’s like the online Tesla fan club/tech guru all-star gig here testing out the Tesla Model 3 shocks.

Yep, we’ve got WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY with the help of Teslanomics’ Ben Sullins, Jared from Ellie and Jared, and Jerry from JerryRigsEverything. Ben Sullins has ordered a few Model 3s, but at the time this video was filmed, he hadn’t taken delivery yet (Ben just took delivery of his Model 3 on January 17, 2018 – video below), so he rented a Model 3 from Turo for this review.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 bump jumping looks fun!

The gist here is that the shocks in the Model 3 are standard coil shocks. They’re nothing like the air suspension on the Model S or X. So, when you hit a bump, you’re going to notice it. This might not be especially true if you’re used to driving a less expensive vehicle with typical suspension parts. However, if you’ve become accustomed to the ride of a luxury car, or more specifically, the Model S or X, it’s just not going to feel the same.

It’s important to note that some people do actually prefer the firmer, sportier feel of the spring shocks. You can feel the road better and the car will generally feel more responsive. With the adaptive air suspension, the car will adjust to accommodate for conditions, and while it makes for a nicer, more coddling ride, it can provide a “looser” feel that some drivers aren’t looking for.

Anyhow, the guys take the rented Model 3 onto a bumpy road to compare its suspension performance to that of the X. Needless to say, they’re are able to get the Model 3 airborne. At least they’re having fun!

Video Description via WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY on YouTube:

It’s the Tesla Model X vs. the Tesla Model 3 to see which has a smoother ride!

Check out WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY’s ride in the new second-generation Tesla Roadster at the semi-reveal event:

Below is Sullins’ Model 3 delivery video:

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I’d like to have that problem- do I get coil shocks or air suspension on my Tesla..

.. of which I have neither..

Ben, What are the extra options on your car…

Good video, and write up.

-This is an active debate, yet Tesla has taken to forcing air suspensions on Model S and X owners. No longer offered with coils.
-They claim people don’t want coil, but didn’t offer it until second quarter production of AWD ‘Performance’ cars
-They never offered coil on P85+, which IMO got its good reputation from (good old) fatter sway bars

Jared doesn’t strike me as a car enthusiast. For example, air isn’t inherently softer than coil. The most firm P85Ds were the initial air suspended cars. Tesla changed to softer air shocks, after about a quarter. The coil P85D’s use the same shock and spring rate as all the other AWD Model Ss. That is to say they’re softer. The other place he exposes more “Tesla fan”, than “car enthusiast” is his perception of “adjustable”. Air suspensions adjust height only. “Adjustable” more commonly refers to soft, or hard, ride. Fancier cars of the past ~15 years have begun offering on-the-fly (shock valve) adjustment, from the cockpit.

Sorry, not Jared. The narrator.

Rent from Turo for free and proceed to trash someone else’s car. What a jerk!