Go Ultra Low EV Challenge Featuring BMW i3 – Video

JAN 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 2

BMW i3

BMW i3

Young British experts were asked about the BMW i3 and electric car advantages in one of the latest episodes of the Go Ultra Low campaign in the UK.

The i3 was surprisingly wisely described and well received.

“We set three Netmums bloggers challenges to see if ultra low emission vehicles worked for them. In this video, we get to hear the thoughts of Caroline on the environmental benefits of electric cars, after we gave them a pure electric BMW i3 to test.”

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2 Comments on "Go Ultra Low EV Challenge Featuring BMW i3 – Video"

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Good ad for Soccer Moms in Britain I guess.

But, the appeal is really the most efficient car on the planet, that drives like a sports car.
Ultra Low running costs are a huge benefit in times of the Job Exporter 1% controlling the economy.

And this is Real Energy Independence. Some people have been talking the talk for 35 years, Finally Tech Delivers,
because this is fueled by Local wind and solar power,
creating local jobs that can’t be exported.

Well said +1