GM Trading in ThrowBall for Futbol


GM is passing on the Super Bowl next year and signing up with English Premier League futbol club Manchester United. Yes folks, the world has turned upside down, and it is a good thing.

What’s driving that decision? This:

Car Sales By Country in 2011 (InfoGraphics)


Futbol is bigger than Football in all of those countries except the US.  Way bigger, and even in the US “soccer” participation and viewership stats continue to climb.  If the Big 3 want to continue their push to sell cars in the global market this is exactly the sort of move they need to make.

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What’s crazy about those car sales in China is that most of those are for first time drivers. They are adding way more cars on the road net over net than in the states where the cars mostly just get replaced….



Manchester United does NOT play “Futbol!” The proper name for the game invented in England, centuries before “American Football” and consolidated into its present form in the 1860s, is NOT “Futbol” but “Association Football” or simply “Football.” The word “Futbol” is simply the Spanish spelling of the original English name.

Steven Soll

Car sales can be quite tricky and seasonal. Car sales can also be influenced by branding and also the way car manufaturers promote their products. “`,`

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Olin Ahlman

Car sales is sometimes hard since you really need to sell some expensive cars. .

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