GM Teams With Chargepoint, EVgo & Greenlots

JAN 9 2019 BY MARK KANE 51

Planning a long-distance trip with a Chevrolet Bolt EV will be easier

General Motors announced a collaboration with three charging networks in the U.S. – EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots – to enable access to the largest collective network of more than 31,000 charging ports.

GM says that it believes in an all-electric future and intends to provide its customers (particularly Chevrolet Bolt EV owners) aggregated dynamic data from each of the EV charging networks, available from the on-board computer or myChevrolet app.

The terms of its collaboration and agreements are to be finalized during the first quarter of 2019, but it’s already hinted that the enhanced charging experience will include:

  • real-time data on charge station health (working, available and compatible)
  • one-stop shop for all range and charging data before or during a trip
  • GM also expects to make enrollment for charging with these networks easier by creating an app interface for all three networks to streamline charger access and potentially allow activation of a charging session using the app instead of a membership card

“Dynamic charging information received from EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots will enhance future versions of the myChevrolet app1. New information to be provided by the charging networks will include real-time data on charge station health to report if a charging station is working, available and compatible with a Bolt EV, offering a one-stop shop for all range and charging data before or during a trip. Importantly, GM also expects to make enrollment for charging with these networks easier by creating an app interface for all three networks to streamline charger access and potentially allow activation of a charging session using the app instead of a membership card.

The myChevrolet app was recently updated to enable projection of the Energy Assist feature to the vehicle’s infotainment system via Apple CarPlay2 and Android Auto3 for drivers with model year 2017 or newer Bolt EVs. This update enables Bolt EV drivers to access certain features through their vehicle’s infotainment system, such as vehicle range, charging station locations and search, as well as route planning that takes into consideration charging stops along the way if the destination is out of range. Original purchasers of new Bolt EVs will have access to these features at no additional cost for five years from the vehicle delivery date after they accept the myChevrolet mobile app terms and review important information about using Energy Assist features within their myChevrolet app. Vehicle users should see user terms for limitations.”

Doug Parks, General Motors vice president of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs said:

“GM believes in an all-electric future, and this is a significant step to make charging easier for our customers. By collaborating with these three companies, we expect to reduce barriers to create a stronger EV infrastructure for the future. This is an important step toward achieving GM’s vision of a world with zero emissions.”

Chevrolet Bolt EV fast charging at EVgo

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Maybe GM can convince Greenlots to fix their broken DCFC systems.

Is this GM that believes in an all electric future the same as the one that doesn’t plan on all electric trucks and SUVs? I seem to be confused

Unlike Tesla everything GM does isn’t an open book. Until they are ready to announce something intended for production you probably won’t hear them commit to anything. GM’s latest truck platform supports ICE, PHEV and BEV so for someone not planning on it they wasted money designing a truck platform that they’ll use for years to except batteries.

Where are those PHEV and BEV trucks for sale? I can’t seem to find them on GMs website. Little good it does to design them to support if you never make any.

Are there any PHEV or BEV trucks for sale (sans Mitsubishi’s)?

Workhorse W-15.

Smith made a bunch for Frito-Lay, among others, but these were full BEV’s..

Designed for those drivetrains. Not yet available to purchase.

It’s cute you think they actually will produce anything other than ICEs on that platform. I would be willing to place money that GM never produces a PHEV or BEV on the current truck platform.

GM is making announcements all the time bout what they are going to do, or say they’re going to do.
Or was that a Mary Barra impersonator talking about 20 electric vehicles 3 years hence.

20 by 2023. As you seem to be bad at math, still 4 years to go (you’re welcome).

The idea of supporting ICE, PHEV and BEV all on the same platform seemed like a good idea but it has been A HUGE FLOP. VW did it…you can get ICE, PHEV, BEV, and even natural gas cars on the Golf platform…but the eGolf flopped

BMW too has lots of ICE and PHEV models….the PHEVs largely flopped.

The only really good EVs are build as EVs from the ground up. You can build OK short range compliance cars on common platform (like the Fiat 500e)…but it won’t be a really good EV.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

This is the GM that has loud, activist shareholders who have no interest in the long-term well-being of the company (and forces them to do share buybacks and take on debt), so don’t be surprised if it has no plans for electric trucks and SUVs but just happens to be working on high-power AWD, you know, for performance EVs.

You talking about Mary Barra? Her actions of late seem designed to mostly maximize her Stock Options. But she’s creating a lot of ill-will of her own making.

I know we constantly hear about ALL-Electric being unworkable – ok I’ll grant that is true – but it irks me greatly that they just announced closure of the plant making (up until the ‘3’ passes them) the (formerly) best selling Plug-in, in North America — and of course discontinuing other electrics for long periods of time without announcing replacements.

This leaves their dealership network in the lurch since they have no continuity of product line.

They need people to continue purchasing what they have available.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


My heart was pounding as I was so afraid they’d announce another free charging of sorts. Glad it’s not. However, how about putting some DCFC in dealer locations that’s not well serviced by existing network? Dealer’s not ideal, but at least it’d allow charging in a pinch.

I fully agree. “Free” charging plans create terrible economic incentive systems such that people will clog public chargers for “free” electricity when they should just be charging at home.

What they need to do is make sure there is a large network of WISELY-PLACED DC fast chargers that are FULLY-MAINTAINED and on the internet specifying their status so apps can know if they working & available.

EA is largely handling that. I hope GM swill announce additional partnership with EA for integration.

Yeah, I’m sure the folks that did Dieselgate are really serious about building a great EV infrastructure. I’m sure their heart is really in it.

Their heart doesn’t need to be in it, just their money.

They just need to follow the Burger King model. Burger King put in restaurants next to existing McDonald’s. Just install DCFCs next to Tesla sites. All the planning of sites is done.

This is good news – I might even install myChevrolet on my phone.

I had a feeling the recent Mychevy app updates were a precursor to bigger and better things. Glad to find out I was right.

About something, congratulations.

Based off the downvotes, readers seem to be tiring of your constant sarcastic responses with zero substance.

“GM also expects to make enrollment for charging with these networks easier by creating an app interface for all three networks to streamline charger access and potentially allow activation of a charging session using the app instead of a membership card”

-In the meantime GM will be providing a new BoltEV GM Key Ring so each Bolt owner, like myself, can keep track of all the RFID cards and store them conveniently in the center console. — it would also be nice to provide a “RED for DEAD” button in the new app so as to report all the broken and jacked up DCFCs drivers encounter.

Why can’t they ditch the card and the phone app entirely and just bill based on the vehicle ID? Isn’t there a unique car ID build into the charging protocol?

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s up to the charging companies to support it. FastNed already does it.

That would still require you to register with each charger individually. With an app, it would always be the same registration simplifying the logistics at the plug.
Believe me, you don’t want to be filling out registration forms at the plug while other people are waiting.

So, 2 years after Bolt launches, now GM finally starts to look at charging? They missed 2 years of time. I guess it is better than never.

If GM has plans for more EV models, then it needs to work on the charging network. That is one of the BIGGEST advantages that Tesla currently have over other EVs.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They’ve already done some No Charge To Charge deals with EVGo.
This is just being able to aggregate data from different charging companies.

Actually this is the best thing GM could have done at this point – getting these networks together. The providers had already starting going down this path, but someone with products on the road will help..

Yeah, but his point is that they should have started years ago.

Remember ROEV? After the initial announcement 3+ years ago about streamlining the charging experience for users, they did absolutely nothing. At least GM will have something akin to ROEV working for Bolt owners in the next couple of months.

People complain that the Bolt doesn’t get better over time like the Model 3. WIth the recent trip planning / CarPlay integration of the MyChevy app, plus this partnership? I’d say that’s a huge improvement to my Bolt. Keep them coming, GM!

You mean better late than never

Indeed. I maintain that the Supercharger network and the associated charging/navigation software in their cars is THE biggest advantage Tesla has over everyone else.

It is not. I’m tired of hearing that everything about EVs is about the charging network. Every bit of evidence points to the fact that the least frequent activity one does in a vehicle is road tripping. Yet it is touted on cue that a charging network is the most crucial component for EV adoption. The advantage that Tesla truly has over GM, and everyone else, is availability. Next year Tesla will likely approach a half million EVs to sell, and no one else is anywhere near that rate. While I’m not saying having the ability to recharge isn’t necessary, it is not by any stretch of the imagination the most important criteria for an EV purchase. Wider spread charging networks for non-Telsa EVs are coming online. It would take less than 1000 stations blanketing the country to cover the need for the forseeable future. I guess I just get a bit tired of the narrative that Tesla owners spend their days and nights driving between SuperChargers all over the country. Most of them still charge at home well over 80% of the miles traveled. Widespread EV adoption needs several components, none of which any company has yet met. Range… Read more »

I’m glad someone else gets this.

Absolutely, very much!

I disagree. GM has plenty of extra Bolts looking for buyers. Sales were OK and they had capacity for much more. But people bought Teslas instead. Yeah, you don’t use it often…but without a good DC-fast-charge port on the car and network for charging, you just can’t even go long distance without making an adventure of it.

That’s why Tesla sells as many EVs as the rest of the entire plug-in market combined.

Nice to hear that GM is doing SOMETHING. Doing nothing would completely doom their EV programs. The non-Tesla DC fast-chargers out there are atrocious.

@Speculawyer said: “The non-Tesla DC fast-chargers out there are atrocious.”

Agreed… I avoid them when possible.

It couldn’t Hurt, as long as It’s not just chopped liver.

I hate having to join a club at retailers. I avoid them. Why can’t they make it just like a gas station. Pull in, swipe credit card, dispense fuel (in this case electrons). I don’t like to tell these companies my life story and have them track every purchase I make. I know they already do it, but why not just plug in and swipe a credit card?

Sounds like that was an OTA update.

This is an about-face I can wholeheartedly salute-
As long as they don’t put the Bolt out to pasture next year and put a bullet in it’s head.

Sounds good!