GM Re-Confirms Elite Status, And Premium Price Of Upcoming Cadillac ELR

AUG 28 2013 BY JAY COLE 41

It has been almost 7 months since the Cadillac ELR made its official production-intent debut. Since then, the car has started pre-production, and mules have been seen all over US roads.

First Pre-Producion ELR Was Built Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at GM's Hamtramck Facility

First Pre-Producion ELR Was Built Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at GM’s Hamtramck Facility

And while the car has stayed remarkably true to the concept vehicle, the public got a bit of a shock when it was revealed in January that the car would be more of a “halo vehicle” for the brand – meaning it would be offered as a limited run, for a premium price.

The factors presented to us (and Car & Driver) at the time, led us to expect a price of more than $70,000 before incentives.

Now, Automotive News has touched base with Bob Ferguson, senior vice president of global Cadillac, to get an update on the vehicle, specifically to see if its status and pricing has changed now that the 2014 Chevrolet Volt received a rather significant drop in price to $34,995.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for the 35 mile, 205 HP/295 lb-ft Caddy, as AN asked the Cadillac VP if the prospects for the cars in regard to pricing or availability had been adjusted.

“Not at all. We’re really confident about that vehicle,” Ferguson said while still declining to discuss specific pricing, “We’re only going to make so many. I actually think you’re going to see a scramble for that vehicle.”

ELR Pricing "Certainly Not In The Realm Of Your Conventional Car" - Darin Geese, ELR Product Manager To C&D On The Caddy's Debut

ELR Pricing “Certainly Not In The Realm Of Your Conventional Car” – Darin Geese, ELR Product Manager To C&D On The Caddy’s Debut

Darin Geese, who is the Cadillac ELR’s product manager earlier stated in an interview with Car & Driver that:

“The ELR is scheduled for production at the end of 2013 calendar year and those units will be on sale the beginning of 2014″

“…the pricing is really not finalized for the vehicle, but we can kinda tell you that its not in the realm of the supercar, and certainly not in the realm of your conventional car. We are truly a Cadillac, truly a luxury vehicle. Probably somewhere in between what you see as a Fisker (Karma – from $102,00) and what you see as a Volt (which at the time was $39,995)”

So, in the end Mr. Ferguson maybe correct in saying that people will be scrambling to be part of a rather exclusive club of luxury plug-in vehicle owners…and that they will be willing to pay a premium price.

It is just not that great of news for the rest of us hoping for a mid-$40k premium version of the Chevy Volt.

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If it is going to be in the Tesla price category how about making it more Tesla-like?

A hard-top convertible ELR anyone? 🙂

Convertible would have been a good idea. It is a hole in the market as of now and would have been more deserving of the expected premium.

It was clever of him to compare with Fisker as opposed to Tesla, since no one will actually be able to buy a Fisker new. On the negative side, Fiskers are now selling for as low as $50k used with low miles.

The whole EREV comparison is important thought the ELR in charge sustaining mode seems to be more of a parallel hybrid than the Volt. Still puzzled that the ELR drivetrain is ominously missing the Voltec moniker. Wonder if the HPCM 2 can be ported onto a Volt 🙂

It’s curious that after the disappointing sales figures of the Volt GM decided to expand the technology to an even more niche concept rather than, say, a family oriented crossover that would appeal to a wider market than the rather cramped Volt. Makes me wonder if it is loosing money on every Voltec car it makes.

I agree that the ELR should command a higher price point than the Volt, but $70,000? That’s Tesla territory. The ELR should be in the $49 – $55 area IMHO. Let’s re-cap GM’s recent news…

1. 3 more years until gen. 2 Volt.
2. Other than the ELR, no other Voltec vehicles slated to appear anytime soon.
3. Can’t maintain even 2000 sales a month for Volts, even with discounts, tax rebate, etc.
4. Now a stratospheric price for the ELR?

GM needs to get there act together. I’m a believer and a supporter, but c’mon already!

You and Ocean Railroader pretty much sum up my thoughts on the subject. The Tesla S has made this car obsolete before it is in production.

Correct. Even with 205 HP/295 lb-ft of power, the ELR isn’t in the same performance bracket as the Model S. The people beating down the doors might be collectors of Edsels, DeLoreans, Karmas, and other vehicles that died on the vine.

They are now swimming in Tesla’s Lake now and they are the goldfish and Tesla is the Largemonth Bass. If I had $70,000 to spend on a alternate fuel car would buy the Tesla and drop gas all together in that free solar powered supercharging sounds very appealing to me. There going to have to move out of Tesla’s Lake by offering it at $60,000 or $55,000 in that the Tesla model S has the wow factor and all the attention among high end buyers.

I personally do love Cadillac and have owned several of them over the last few years but the Tesla model S is going to body slam this car now that it’s in the same price range as Tesla.

If you had $70K, you couldn’t buy a new Tesla. The cheapest one is $77K (before the tax credit) but not counting sales tax/title/delivery/etc. This also doesn’t include the $2000 for access to the Supercharger network.

False. The NHTSA published the window sticker of one of the cars they wrecked. Other than having a “Silver Paint” option for $750, it was a bone-stock Model S. The Total Vehicle Price at the bottom of the sticker shows $69,320. That is before any tax credits are applied, because they cannot be reflected in the price on the window sticker.

“False”.. LOL, ok Dwight.

I don’t know about the NHTSA, but I just built the cheapest version I could on Tesla’s website. I was wrong about the $2k Supercharger though, looks like they auto include that. So the price is $66,570 – $2000 + $7500 = $72,070. I don’t know how to get rid of the $1000 tire option, but this doesn’t include tax or a delivery fee. The delivery fee is $990.

I just saw in my pic that the destination fee is included. So if you can find a way to get rid of the $1000 tire upgrade, that would get it down to $71K before sales tax.

Tesla raised prices

If they price it near or above the Model S price then I suspect they’ll sell very few cars.

It’s born from the same tar minds that fought against EVs and who build dumbass pickup trucks.
Crude americana money truck styling, low performance and high price is to be expected. Hopefully it will sell very poorly.

GM dropping the price on the soul crushingly uninspiring overweight slow overpriced Volt and creating a committee to watch Tesla might however suggest that they know that they have been rather clueless and can’t get away with 70k price on this turd.
I’d guess they’ll try something like 59 or 57. Anything above 47 is profoundly retarded however. At 37 they could still claim being in the game and they might actually sell some but it would still be profoundly uninspiring.

– “Hey Dan, have a Snickers!”

– “Why?”

-“Because you’re kinda angry when you get hungry.”

He’s angry all the time. Get the Snickers IV drip! LOL!

I consume enough sugar : ) And I’m not diabetic either.

The frustration comes from being smart in a world jam packed with idiots who violently oppose trivial pertinent truths.

When we are talking about car efficiency then obviously aerodynamics and low weight are beneficial but noone understands. It’s like you have all fallen asleep on the ice with your eyes open. There is just nobody home in you. Noone who agrees, only mindless beasts who disagree because it isn’t status quo.

I have righteous indignation enough that if unleashed would set the world ablaze. You exist but for the grace of God and you are severely testing his patience.

Some of your points do indeed point to smart, but others point to not smart.
(example: repeated critisism of the overweight comments of the model s, which is a very light car without the batteries, and they are among those with highest energy density our current tech level allows).

Righteous indignation to set the world ablaze hints at fanatic – which is not smart – as does the religious comment.

Dude, you are a homophobe that believes in ETs visiting Earth. You are not as smart as you think you are, just a bit delusional.

The CTS Coupe is $38 – $55k, and the ELR should be right in there somewhere. But no where near $70k.

It actually should be in line with the BMW i3 Rex that it will compete directly with. So expecting $45k to $49k but sub $50k.

This will just be a plug-in for those who like the Volt, but will lease/buy the more expensive Cadillac version because they can.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

ELR is MEH, and if it can’t get 0-60 in the 6s while the RAV4EV which is of comparable weight but lower power can get 0-60 in the very low 7s, it’d be kind of an embarrassment.

Were you listening to the dude’s story Donny? 🙂
And yes it is holy unimpressive. 8 second acceleration.
They make it lame because they are lame and because they don’t want it to outshine the crap ICE cars. But Tesla has no such hangups.

“It is just not that great of news for the rest of us hoping for a mid-$40k premium version of the Chevy Volt.”

Whoever thinks mid $40k would be the price point for a limited production Cadillac coupe is in dreamland.

It can’t be cheaper than the Escalade. I’ve predicted mid $60’s, and if Cadillac surprises us by providing it with 0-60mph performance in the high 5/low 6 second area it will be a bargain compared to other premium coupes from Mercedes, Audi and BMW which can break the $100k barrier in price.

Well that’s after credit, heeh – low 50s before. I think a lot of people had initially pegged it around there or lower. Personally, its been looking like the low to mid 70s range to me before credits. As a limited run it doesn’t hurt GM to start there…you can always come down, but pretty hard to go up, (=

…with deliveries in about 4 months, we should know soon enough! Always fun to speculate as we get dropped hints.

I don’t believe the ELR will be anywhere near the 5-6 second 0-60 range because of the weight of the battery. I could be wrong, but with 205 HP/295 lb-ft of power, unless that car is less than 3000 lbs., they’re not going to get those numbers out of it.

It would, however, make sense that the car is that expensive if they did something like put a carbon fiber chassis on it to reduce weight…

“Not at all. We’re really confident about that vehicle,” Ferguson said while still declining to discuss specific pricing, “We’re only going to make so many. I actually think you’re going to see a scramble for that vehicle.” – Bob Ferguson, Senior VP Global Marketing, Cadillac


What are they gonna build – ? …. 10? “We’re only going to make so many”….. So many, as in
a couple dozen? C’mon GM!

We also have to take this answer as a sure sign that GM looks upon the Volt as a failure,
another way to listen to Bob here is: ….”…we’re really confident about that vehicle…”
as in – “….well, that other vehicle , the Volt…well, that there Is another story!”….

Ferguson’s answer was in response to IEV’s question if Volt’s discounts of late would effect
ELR’s pricing.

Whooo-eeee …. Another tea leaf that GM may not continue Volt into Gen 2.

You should have a Snickers too James 🙂

Sign me up for a box of Snikers, what a joke.

When GM released the Volt I said that I would have to stop referring to them as the “village idiots”, I was again surprised by the Spark, which I think is a fairly good effort, but what the f**k is this? $70k for an unbelievably ugly, average performing blue whale of a car… I’d rather walk…. or be dragged by horse… or just stay at home, probably eating Snikers, upset that with so much wrong in the world that GM have wasted the time of so many talented people to come up with this over priced monstrosity.

I think its a conspiracy by big brother to pin point who exactly has too much money and not enough sense. I hope it has a one star safety rating and is prone to some sort of mechanical failure that leads to the owner being incapable of having children, the last thing we need is more crazy people on this little shivering green rock we call home.

Det var dog helt utroligt så negativ du er, Dan .. Der kan sgu ikke være meget glæde i dit liv, uanset om det foregår her, på, ingeniøren eller nogle af de andre steder hvor du har underholdt gennem tiden. Dejligt forøvrigt at se at BMW lyttede til dig da de udviklede i3’eren og den ret så interessante i8’er.. Med Carbon rammer etc. Men det er jo selvfølgelig ikke godt nok for Hr. Fredriksen.. For tunge, for små batterier etc.. Forskellen på dig og BMW er vel i grunden blot at de lever i nu’et og virkeligheden, mens du bor et eller andet sted på Mars.

Men der udover er vi da rørende enige om at ELR og VOLT måske ikke er de fedeste produkter, men crédit og applaus skal vel gives for idet mindste at producere noget i stedet for intet.. Så kommer der nok en go’ løsning i morgen… Hun lever jo heller ikke rigtigt i virkeligheden 😉

Snup en Snickers Dan – eller måske en tudekiks??.. What ever makes you day…

Dan is Danish.. He’ll understand

I’m impressed that Google translate speaks Danish.

Point taken, at least GM have made something, 3 models, 3 markets. They are at least offering choice. I just wish they had gone for one of the other markets the “stupid cars for crazy people” segment is so competitive.

At a base of around $45,000 plus options I would have strongly considered it as the replacement for our 2011 Volt at the end of that lease in January 2014. At the prices now rumored the BMW i3 now gets ALL my attention to sit in the garage with our Tesla Model S.

GM learned nothing from Tesla. Rather than coming out with this Caddy Voltec version 1st, where they could hide some of the costs of the expensive drivetrain, and sell it for a premium price, and build exclusivity and desire for a less expensive model, they come out with it in a Chevy. Now they expect to get twice as much for this essentially similar car because of the swoopy body?

Elon Musk must sit in his office and laugh his ass off. You can only lead ’em to water Elon….

this car is barely electric nothing special

Limited production Cadillac ? Why bother ?

It is as if GM had a powerful executive who wanted to build this. Can’t think of real business case, much less a strategic reason to build this.

Because Cadillac is going to roll out other plugin hybrids, like the SRX plug in, then roll out the 2nd gen voltec platform, and perhaps, ultimately the 200 mile EV. The ELR v1.0 is a limited edition vanguard. Critics are making too much of a deal over a car Cadillac always stated would be very limited production.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

[Citation Needed]

HAHAHA the ELR should be priced around $45k. And the big auto companies wonder why Tesla is doing so much better then they are.

If base sticker is above $60k they won’t be able to limit production enough.


Well i guess nobody can complain about GM not recouping their investment in the Volt. There iis no way GM could recoup their cost for the revised sheet metal stamps, much less all the other costs.

The ELR seems more like a limited run concept car than a legitimate product.