2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Official Autocross Event: Video And Gallery

Chevrolet Bolt


Shrieking tires, burning rubber … mmm, the sounds and the smells. Thankfully, the only thing missing at GM’s official 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Autocross event was the deafening roar of ICE cars and the smell of gasoline.

Last week, InsideEVs attended General Motor’s official 2017 Bolt EV: Autocross Drive event.

Rather than spending too much time on the obvious — the Bolt is long-range, all-electric, mass-marketed, and reasonably priced (especially when factoring in the federal EV rebate) — GM held this recent event to tout the Bolt’s little-known “fun-to-drive” status. It turns out the car can hold its own quite well on an autocross course, even against a Volkswagen GTI.

Video: Check out the automaker’s official B-roll footage of the event above.

Chevrolet Bolt

GM’s Official 2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Autocross Drive – This is one of few times we will see what appears to be tailpipe emissions trailing a Bolt. Look at all that torque … if only we could share the smell with you.

We aren’t here to tell you about the Bolt’s interior quality, seat comfort, technology, real-world range, predicted reliability, etc. That’s all been done before. Instead, we’re here to say that GM’s engineers and test drivers honestly did a respectable job balancing the Bolt. The fact that GM purposely invited a slew of automotive journalists to experience the Chevrolet Bolt in an autocross environment speaks volumes about how much faith the automaker has in the car’s driving dynamics. We all know that the Bolt — or any EV for the matter — doesn’t need any negative press.

This begs a few questions: How many people will even attempt to autocross the Bolt? (likely few) How many people’s daily driving routine requires such agility? (almost none) Nonetheless, it’s peace of mind to know that the Chevrolet Bolt lives up to the test, and does it quite convincingly. The car feels remarkably solid, impressively responsive, and most of all, safe.

Chevrolet will soon provide further information on social media channels and perhaps in the form of a press release. Once we have the links, we will update this post. For now, check out GM’s official photo gallery below (be sure to click on each image to see the entire photo):

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Just read Bro’s write up. Pretty good.

Way to go Bro!!

Well thanks, but I sucked.
I did win the “tallest car” award and “best in class” (1st out of a total of 1 EV). Lol

was it the car or the driver??

Don’t feel bad. When I got my brand new shiny red Porsche 944 I went to one of those races and about all I did was knock down cones and turn on my windshield wiper by accident. I guess I showed them!! LOL

When I was younger we ran in these little events. My friend had the fastest car….a mini Cooper with a hopped up motor.

I’m curious how well the BoltEV would do against some serious competition. It’s advantage is that is has tons of low speed get up and go but I would think its weight would be a serious draw back in a very tight course. Thats a lot of momentum to be changing direction quickly.