GM Exec: Expect Improved “Fuel Economy And Efficiency” With Next-Gen 2016 Chevy Volt


GM's Mahoney Discussing Next-Gen Volt

GM’s Mahoney Discussing Next-Gen Volt

No surprise here, but at least a top exec at General Motors is confirming what we all knew to be true of the next-gen 2016 Chevy Volt

General Motors Executive Vice President Mark Reuss isn’t giving many details on the next-generation Chevrolet Volt, but a top executive for the company says to expect better “fuel economy and efficiency.”

Reports MLive.

Reuss adds that the next-gen Volt should appeal to a wider audiences than today’s Volt.

Piece by piece, the next-gen Volt puzzle is getting put together.

By January 2015, when the next-gen Volt debuts at the 2015 NAIAS, that puzzle should be almost fully assembled.  We’re excited.  Are you?


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Yeah I’m excited, and the 50 mile optional battery pack even is more desireable. What will be very interesting is if they can make a profit on the new Volt, that way it would make business sense to use the “voltec guts” to make a ColoradoEV and a CrossVolt.

50 miles is still weak, my friend starts out with 58 miles in his 2013 Volt

58 miles is more than usual I believe. Perhaps you’re thinking of KM?

50 EPA rating, I.e. year round average

Up from today’s 38/40.

50 miles AER is great. Going any further starts to become overkill and you might as well go pure electric instead of lugging that ICE around.

50 miles in the Summer.

My friends Honda Fit EV also sees a range boost in summer.

I hope the next gen Volt has more rear seat leg room and head room. A third rear seat would also be great.

Agreed. That’s more important to me than extra range. It’s the main reason I didn’t get a current gen Volt. The Leaf is so much roomier.

I drive around in the Volt with 3 empty seats and 1 empty seat in my Smart ED 99.9% of the time

and nothing is not “roomy” if you arent fat lol

So the Volt target market is skinny loners with commutes under 40 miles? lol

Yes to people that often drive 40 miles or less a day or even a little bit more. 60 miles with 40 on electric and 20 on gas is still very good “MPGallons Used”.

Yes to people that often drive to work themselves and do errands.

“and nothing is not “roomy” if you arent fat lol”

Harsh. So if a tall person were to find the Volt uncomfortably small, they must also be fat? This is a ridiculous statement.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

What if you’re both?

Frankly, Volt doesn’t need to be any wider IMO, but it could benefit from 2 more inches of headroom in front (and 3-4 in back)..

Yes, and a WAGON.

I don’t want a Cross Trek, just a Wagon for camping, hunting, photo equipment.

You can give the Crosstrek 4 wheel drive for the rest of America.

I just want a wagon.

I need more head room so I can fit a car seat in there. Fat has nothing to do with it.

Interior passenger volume difference between Volt and LEAF is 2 cu ft.

If you think 2 cuft is “so much roomier”, then I guess you need that extra 2 cu ft.

It is all in how you use the space. At only 5ft 10in I hit my head in the back seat…deal breaker for many… Might as well be a two sweater.

My co-worker is 6’2″ and he sits back there and his head is fine during our lunch outings… I guess everybody has different torso/leg ratio

good point maybe the volt just needs smaller or less padded seats?

Hehe I got the scoop on all this weeks ago at my local chevy dealership. (Also found out some Roadster tid bits which I can’t mention due to a promise but if you think about it it just makes perfect sense to make replacements standardized.)

The ’40 mile std, 50 mile opt’ is using the standard ratings. In this weather I typically get 46 miles from my ’35 mile’ 2011, so just ramp up how you drive from the number listed.

3 person bench seat, 1000 cc 3 cyl range extender, and more total range period.

Is the 50 miles opt actually more battery or just “optional” buffer like what MB B-class is?

Hi Bill,

You have certainly piqued my interest regarding the Roadster “tid bits”. Hopefully soon that information will go public? Maybe it’s related to the “400-mile” battery upgrade? My mind is working overtime thinking of the possibilities.

MMF: I don’t know what a ‘buffer’ is in a Mercedes. Its like buying a toy car with a C cell standard and a D optional. I know about the silly ‘buffer’ in the volt but its a software construct. Maybe silly is the wrong word since the overarching purpose is to extend battery life. One of my pet peaves with both of my cars is that you have to play tricks on the car to kinda get it to do what you want it to. It would be much easier to have a plain old switch, to allow the person who paid for the thing make the decision as how to use it. What an unheard of concept!


I guess I’m not spilling the beans too much here.. Just that to save money Tesla will start using model S parts in Roadster repairs. I know nothing more about the 400 mile roadster battery other than what has been said here already.

In the mercedes, the option is paying for the switch. Because frequent use of the full 100 mile range, may reduce battery life and hence waranty costs, the option is for this waranty cost plus mercedes profit. Yep they are nickle and diming people, but that is what luxury car makers always do. As a package the b-class electric is not that expensive, it is certainly much less expensive than the f-class fuel cell version of the same car.

mmf: I got the drift from the salesman that this will be an optional at extra cost larger battery… I cant get any more concrete than that at this time.

One thing is for sure. Whenever they release the specs, there will be people who will cheer about it, and people who will jeer about it. They certainly will not be able to make a product that pleases everyone.

Fifth seat, more range, lower price. Those will appeal to more people.

There had been a rumor of 20 mile range. That would certainly cut the price. Sounds like he didn’t say anything about electric range.


It needs to have at least 1000 hp with 2000 ft/lbs of torque for me to consider buying it.

It also needs to produce milk in case I get thirsty.

2000ft/lbs at the wheel is possible today. =)

Skim or regular?

And don’t forget, it must deliver all of those features with an MSRP of $4,999.

And it needs 700 miles range. Minimum. I can hold my pee.

And help me pick up Girls, lots of Girls.

You guys just watch.
The next Volt will have a 3 cyl TURBO.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

A 3cyl 1l Atkinson motor generating 55kW would make more sense. A modern 3cyl 1l turbo motor would generate more like 100kW. A 3cyl 500cc turbo motor generating 50kW would likely be quite a bit lighter and more compact than the 1l.

It will probably be around 90 hp, and turbo charging will allow for lower rpm, which reduces friction, and allows better efficiency. The current volt ice is underpowered in charge sustain mode, if it is a different tuned version of the opel ice, it should be more efficient and provide greater power (allow lower SOC before ice kicks in).

Atkinson would make sence, for series, but it will be turbos on the shelf.

Does GM sell anything with an Atkinson engine now?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Modern Atkinson engines are pretty much just a regular engine with a different cam profile and injection timing. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if it could be done in FI software with an appropriate VVT cam config.

The big negative on a turbo would be sound. If the goal of the range extender is to be inaudible to the driver, a turbo is heading in the wrong direction.

I’m going to go against the grain and say that a longer AER will NOT make the Volt appeal to a significantly larger audience. What it would do is make it appeal MORE to the same audience it has today.

No, it needs to be larger and cheaper. Look around you on the highway; Americans love their big cars. Most of the cars I see are larger (CUVs and small SUVs), and have a lower base price than a base Volt.

Get the base price in the $20ks, and put it in a CUV format, and it will get a lot of attention – even if it only has a 20 mile AER!

I will add that a better CS MPG would get more attention than a longer AER. Many people are still completely clueless to how the Volt works. Although Volt-stats shows us that it will make a tiny difference in gas usage, it still shows up prominently on the window sticker. Let’s see – a Volt gets 37MPG and a PiP gets 49MPG…the Prius must burn less gas, right?

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Increasing the AER will only appeal to a limited, but very vocal audience. The Volt needs to compete with the Prius. So price is where the most advancement needs to be. If that means 20 mile AER instead, then so be it. People laughed at the Ford Energi cars, but they are now outselling the Volt.

The best thing they could do would be to produce two versions, a low end version with 20 miles AER to compete with the Prius. And a high-end version with 60 miles AER to compete with the BMW i3, Leaf, and Tesla Model 3.

The irony is that if you look at the Volt as a means to reduce gasoline usage, they would get more savings per car by increasing AER. But they will likely sell more cars by increasing CS MPG, thus increasing overall gas saved!

I think you make a very good point and I agree from an overall marketing point of view.

I just hope GM will also announce a new nationally available 200 mile EV at the 2015 NAIAS.

Let the people decide which plug-in they want. EREV or EV.


I hope it doesn’t have a skateboard chassis, because I really like my interior filled with batteries.

I hope the dash has a touch screen plus 40 redundant buttons, because it needs to look hi-tec.

I hope it defaults to the slowest charge speed, since I enjoy changing that setting every single day.

I hope it looks quirky and is plastered with eco-badging, because I like people to notice how green I am.

I hope it has a needlessly low roof line, since I don’t really like carrying passengers much.

I hope it accelerates really slow, because I like cars that are boring to drive.

I hope it has small dorky skinny wheels, because I like to make my friends laugh.

I hope it has a one-gallon tank, because I like the macho smell of jerry cans in the trunk.

I hope it has a range extender that sounds like my lawn mower, because I want my neighbors to think I own a BMW.


I hope for World Peace.

I don’t….. it would mean all bar one of the people on the planet were dead

They should lengthen the car a little bit. This will give the passengers a little more legroom and headroom. And it does so w/o hurting the aerodynamics.

The 3 cylinder, aluminum engine is a great move.

If they can drop the price a bit, the car will be a big hit as gas prices rise.

And all the people that mocked & bashed the Volt when it first came out will end up looking like fools who could not see the future.

I think the spy photo just show the car to be slightly longer.

The longer might actually help Cd since it has more room to get a more neutral flow lines into the car. Shorter cars are actually more difficult.

Price would be the key.

Starting with a ‘2’ is better than a ‘3’.

Interesting that he is pushing fuel economy and efficiency but not range. I would really dislike GM to go the wrong way on this and try to compete with the PiP on price by shrinking the battery pack.

They will still have to compete with the net-gen Leaf, which may have a 150 mile range and a lower price than the Volt.

I would be perfectly happy with just a small increase in all-electric range. What I really want is 3 seats in the back, and a little more room. Better acceleration would be nice too. It’s is already good in my 2012 Volt, but I’ll bet Volt v2.0 will be even better.

Oh, and hopefully a price reduction too. If GM can do those things — and I think they can — then Volt sales will be way up even with tougher competition from Leaf etc. Can’t wait to see the new Volt.

Keep the EV range to 40 miles and focus on reducing the price instead. Also, some sort of CUV / SUV / minivan is needed, even if range drops to 30 miles or less.