GM Adds 50,000 Sq Feet To Battery Lab; Facilitiy Tripled in Size Over Last 4 Years (w/video)

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GM's Warren, Michigan Battery Facility Continues To Expand

GM’s Warren, Michigan Battery Facility Continues To Expand

General Motors announced today that it has added 50,000 more square feet to its “Global Battery Systems Laboratory” in Warren, Michigan this year, bringing the total footage to over 85,000 feet.

Look Busy Fellas We Are Going To Take A Picture!

Look Busy Fellas We Are Going To Take A Picture!

Since the facility opened in 2009, and the Chevy Volt came to market shortly thereafter, it has more than tripled in size.

The lab is responsible for testing and validating battery cells and packs for all of GM’s electric vehicles now and in the future. To date it has done work on the Chevrolet Volt, Cadillac ELR, Chevrolet Spark EV and also on General Motors’s eAssist light electrification system.

According to the company, the current expansion increased the number of possible pack-level test channels from 64 to 112 and cell-level test channels from 96 to 120.

“In the past four years, the competitive landscape in the electrification space has grown exponentially. This has required us to raise our game and draw a new line in the sand,” said Doug Parks, GM vice president, global product programs. “To maintain our battery leadership, this additional real estate is filled with new capability that will help us improve speed to market for our next generation of battery systems and help us improve the value equation to our customers around the world.”

GM press release follows:

The additional capabilities of the lab expansion include:

  • dedicated equipment for future vehicle battery system development such as charger development and testing, cord set testing and competitive benchmarking;
  • building prototype battery packs for vehicle development programs; and,
  • the ability to act as the hub for validation and testing of all battery systems designed for use in future GM vehicles around the world.
Lab Technician And Chevy Volt Battery Pack

Lab Technician And Chevy Volt Battery Pack

The lab will also play a critical role in assuring GM’s current generation of electric vehicles maintain their battery leadership position. Teams will validate and test updates to existing chemistries and system designs to make the most of performance and reduce cost. For example, updates were made to the battery system in 2013 Chevrolet Volt that added three miles of EV range.

“GM is committed to vehicle electrification and our products in this area must continue to excite customers. A critical part of this plan is to deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy storage systems,” said Larry Nitz, GM’s executive director of global electrification engineering. “The new capabilities of this lab will enhance our engineers’ ability to design, develop, process and validate class-leading products to meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

In addition to the lab in Michigan, GM also operates battery labs in Shanghai, China, and Mainz-Kastel, Germany, which are tasked with testing and validation of battery cells, packs, and advanced battery system development. Teams at the China, Germany and Michigan labs work collectively to test battery systems around the clock to reduce validation time.

Chevy Volt Battery Pack About To Take A Ride

Chevy Volt Battery Pack About To Take A Ride

Facts: Global Battery Systems Battery Lab

Alternative Energy Center, GM Technical Center, Warren, Mich.


  • Lab completed: May 2009
  • Expansion completed: July 2013


Expansion total floor space: 50,000 sq.-ft.

Lab total floor space: 85,000 sq.-ft.

  • 16,500 sq. ft. – Pack testing, Support
  • 18,500 sq. ft. – Cell / Module testing, Vibration #1, Safety and Abuse #1, Support
  • 30,000 sq. ft. – Safety and Abuse #2, Manufacturing Support, Pack Build, Test, Storage
  • 20,000 sq. ft. – Software / Dev. Test, Vibration #2, Modal test, Software / Dev. Support
Validation Testing Of Volt Battery Cells Happens In Warren, MI

Validation Testing Of Volt Battery Cells Happens In Warren, MI


  • Increased pack testing
  • New cell and module testing
  • Additional capabilities
    • New Vibration testing area with added Modal testing capability
    • Charger testing
    • Immersion testing (pack seals)
    • Hardware in the Loop / Software in the Loop testing and development
    • Manufacturing Engineering area for support of assembly plants (equipment partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy)

Enhanced capability

  • Welding of battery systems: Development of new ultrasonic and laser weld capabilities.
  • Battery system mock-up capabilities: Tooling to hand-build modules, sections and validate parts.
  • Prototype pack build area


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Mark H

Tesla super chargers, Nissan-Renault global factories, GM 85,000 sq ft battery facility? Looks like we have a genuine EV industry!

Bill Howland

OH man Jay I can have a lotta fun with this one.

Increased charger testing? I thought GM had standardized on 3.3 kw, but then someone got the idea to go with that Frankenplug thing so now they have a lot more stuff to fool with!! Guess the charger guys got bored that there was nothing to do.

Cord Testing? You mean when they went from version 2 to version 3 of the Chevy Volt’s cord, and then made the attachment plug a few inches shorter so that if you arrange your garage per the Model in the owner’s manual, the new version 3 charging cord they gave you wont fit!! ( I spent the day at the dealership, demanding my v2 back which they had already sawed up, and 11 calls to Detroit were made). I obviously directly changed Version 4 for this reason since on v4 the cord is PLENTY long enough.


GM Ventures invested in Envia Systems which touts 400Wh/kg. It’s really great news if the additional testing capacity is for Envia technology. What do you think, GM EVs with 300 mile range for 2016 models (available Aug. 2015)?
Envia website:


All we are seen is because of TESLA. They already changed history.


Nice Job GM!

It looks like GM and Ford are serious about leading in the electrified vehicle market.

Ford announced a similar expansion in July.

“Expanding for the future
This year, Ford also will expand its electrification engineering team by nearly 50 percent, growing to 500 salaried employees. Further, the company is investing an additional $50 million in electrified product development and testing centers in Dearborn.

Ford will double electrification battery-testing capabilities by the end of the year – to a total of 160 individual battery-test cells – helping to speed hybrid and electric vehicle development by as much as 25 percent.”

I see a lot of testing… but not much in regards to application. Maybe GM (and others) are holding their cards tight, but sure would be nice to know progress is being made (that we can buy).

*feeling impatient atm*


I think they’re ramping up because they believe they’re close enough. It seems the global industry is ramping up and I hope and think that Tesla has proven the market will be there as soon as the price is right for the car. Since it’s all so dependent on the battery, they know that they have to invest and testing is so crucial because getting the battery wrong would be very expensive.

No images of the next Gen Volt battery yet….


From a Yahoo! Finance article ( covering this expansion… “General Motors is working on one that can go 200 miles per charge at a cost of about $30,000, a top company executive said.” and “The 200-mile car won’t be the next-generation Volt. Speaking at a Monday event to show off GM’s expanded battery laboratory at its technical center in Warren, a suburb north of Detroit, Parks said that GM engineers are now working on a new Volt, which will go a little father on electricity than the current model and cost a little less. He wouldn’t say when it will arrive in showrooms or how much it will cost.” Personally I don’t buy into the “little” part of that sentence – I think those are there to keep people from deciding to wait instead of just buy Volts now. Likewise, the lack of timetable for both cars is all about making enough uncertainty that people wont hold out for whats next instead of buying now. I’m expecting the gen 2 Volt to sell for $30,000 (no subsidy) and go about 40-45 miles on EV power, and get much better fuel economy (40-45 MPG) in range-extended mode. But I don’t think… Read more »

I saw that article too Anthony. It appears GM wants to make it known that they are simultaneously working on a 200 mile All Electric on the side, as well as the next gen. Volt. And the fact that they are expanding the battery lab and research aspect all point to the positive IMO.

Martin T

Should expect interesting things from GM and they do great research.
(Boeing has a heck of lot to learn from GM after their Dreamliner fubar)
Yes we finally have Car companies seriously eager on the EV research side for commercialisation.

I even managed to smile when Renault / Nissan Goshen rightly paid out on VW (Last year VW said EV were for golf carts and now they aim to be #1 in EV WTF ? LOL!)

Appears so far Tesla, GM, Renault / Nissan are leaving VW in the EV dust and rightly So !

Great to see GM expanding their lab – they do excellent work there!