The Globe And Mail: “Tesla Model S Is Like a Rocket To The Future”


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Canada-based The Globe and Mail has given the most positive review for the Tesla Model S.  As the news organization states:

“Its like a rocket to the future.”

As The Globe and Mail adds, the Model S is very quiet, a rocket on wheels and a stealth sports car.

Like all electric vehicles, the torque is instant as soon as you touch the accelerator pedal. Unlike most other electric vehicles is the amount of power the Model S has on tap.  Basically, if you blink, you will miss how quickly the Model S gains speed.

As The Globe and Mail adds, that the burst of speed occurs like a magic trick since the Model S lacks the sound of a roaring engine firing rapidly.

Last but not least, The Globe and Mail adds this in regards to the Model S:

“Sitting in the front seat of a Model S, rolling through traffic in Vancouver, or floating and flying up and down the curves of Highway 99, the future feels amazing.”

The future is here today.  It can be experience in the Tesla Model S.  At least that’s the view being presented in The Globe and Mail’s Model S review.

Check out the extended/full review at The Globe and Mail.

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These guys are 2 years late

It’s never too late to acknowledge a superior product implementation.

In fact, another positive review 2 years later further reinforces how advanced the Tesla is and how it is still without competition.

Well said. 🙂

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Well, it _IS_ Canada.. 🙂

I always thought the relatively long front end of the car, that acts primarily as a crumple zone, and the fake plastic grill were really unnecessary the say the least. But I’ve always been more “function dictates form” than most people.

Every Spacecraft needs a nosecone. 😉

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I still think that grille should be hinged so you can flip it down and plug J1772/Chademo/etc directly in without an adapter. Plenty of space behind that barn door.

The nosecone on the Dragon V2 flips open… Maybe this might translate to gen III. Tesla could market it as “The Docking Port”.

On a more serious possible use for that big area behind the nose of the vehicle: frontal sensors for autonomous driving, when it’s finally released.

Assuming people spend more time driving than crashing, the front will most likely be used more for storage than as a crumple zone.

It is Canada. Lol, that’s rich and right on.

By the way, it’s not a fake plastic grill. It’s real plastic.