Global Tesla Fleet Surpasses 3 Billion Collective Miles Driven


3 Billion Plus And Counting

3 Billion Plus And Counting

Late last week, Tesla’ global fleet of vehicles (Roadster, Model S & Model X) surpassed 3 billion collective miles driven.

With more and more Tesla hitting the road, that figure is climbing rapidly now.

As Electrek notes, the first billion was record in June 2015 and the second billion came in April 2016. Now we’ve got the third billion in September 2016, so it’s clear the number is rising exponentially (see chart below).

The miles are recorded and posted semi-live on Tesla’s “Electric Road trip” site.

3 Billion Plus And Counting

3 Billion Plus And Counting

Rapid Rise Recently

Rapid Rise Recently

Source: Tesla Roadtrip via Electrek

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Doh! My lease! Can’t stop driving that thing πŸ™‚

Can we get 4B before New Years?

Not likely. My back of he napkin gives 150-160 days. Sometime in early March 2017.

That sounds like you are estimating the same time for the fourth billion as the third.

No, not really. I simply kept track of the counter over an hour checking every 20 minutes, then threw in some fuzzy logic for more vehicles on the road countered by less Winter driving in the northern hemisphere, where most Tesla’s are driven.

Besides, why would I estimate that with an accelerating/steepening curve, the same time period would be required to reach the next billion?

Your napkin totally forgot about new Tesla’s on the roads, the increase in miles is not linear.

Tesla will go from ~100k on the roads to ~125k before this year ends.

Late January would be my guess (but that is before even bringing out my napkin).

100k to125k?
Then this year begun they had about 110k on the road and now they have about 165k on the road. If they reasch the goal of 80k this year they will have about 190k on the road when the year end.

Good catch, I was mixing in the US numbers for total Tesla sales for some strange reason. That also changes my estimate for 4 billion miles to February.

No, I thought of that. Did you factor in that people drive about 305 fewer miles in the Winter? Still I see you changed your estimate to February, we are not that far apart.

30% fewer miles.

“Did you factor in that people drive about 305 fewer miles in the Winter?”

Tesla drivers in Australia and New Zealand will have to drive a lot farther every month to even the score. πŸ˜‰

Don’t worry you can very soon celebrate 5B km [3.1B miles] and then 6B km [3.7B miles]. πŸ˜‰

If every Tesla drivers helps the 4B is possible to reach for the end of 2016

Assuming, optimistically, that an equivalent ICE car would do 7.0L/100km, that’s about 336 million liters of fuel saved, or 3 million tons of CO2 not released to the atmosphere (by the car).

Of course, you then have to deduct all the CO2 caused by the electricity generation to get the complete picture.

No you don’t !
The fuel does not magically come rom a gas station – it needs kwh too to get refined, and more oil to get transported and wars …. so no – we don’t need to factor in power consumption if we don’t do well to wheel

“Global Tesla Fleet Surpasses 5 Billion Collective Kilometres Driven”

An “equivalent” gas car, will not do 7 l/100km but probably 10 or more. Those 300 hp+ cars aren’t exactly econoboxes…

Well, not surprised since many of them are being used as “fleet car”. I mean a 15 months old car already got 200K miles…

That is great.

But I can see that Supercharging cost is adding up for Tesla for sure.

Where do you get the information that most cars is fleetcars only because of that one car have driven really long in short time? The live counter have excit for some time now and for some time ago one on the Swedish tesla forum calculate that the average tesla drives 80 km or 50 miles per day. That’s not close to what a fleet car is driven.

ModernMarvelFan said:

“Well, not surprised since many of them are being used as ‘fleet car’. I mean a 15 months old car already got 200K miles…”

Well, if you mean “many” in the sense of absolute numbers, then sure. But I seriously doubt a significant percentage of Tesla cars are being used as taxis or for Uber service. Tesla Model S’s and X’s are too expensive for regular taxi service. To make a profit, they would have to be used more like limousines, with similar per-hour service fees.

Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that a few anecdotal reports of Tesla cars being used for taxis or for Uber service indicate a significant percentage.

I’m guessing that most of those miles are done without the superchargers.

I think it’s like 8% on sc. I read that somewhere.

The “good” thing about having both the imeprial and metric system is that the marketing departments can celebrate twice as many milestones.
Very soon they can celebrate 5 billion km driven.
5 billion km = 3.1 billion miles.

Or milestones and kilometerstones to be exact. πŸ™‚

And actually more than twice as many as with only imperial, as a km is shorter than a mile.

But less than twice as many if you were originally celebrating (and counting) imperial milestones.

Let’s switch to counting by furlongs, so we can celebrate 8 times as often as miles! πŸ™‚

No…, it’s more than twice as many if you were originally only counting imperial milestones, as metric kilometerstones occur more often than imperial milestones.

If you were originally only counting metric kilometerstones on the other hand, it would be less than twice as many if you also stated counting imperial milestones.

Is there any information of driven miles of other ev manufacturers available?

GM said when they passed 100k sales that the Volt had been driven 2.5 billion miles and of this 1.5 billion was electric.
In this PowerPoint it’s written that Nissan Leaf have been driven over 2 billion miles and it’s dated to February 2016. I can’t find any newer number.

But in this article they said that the total fleet have passed 2.5 billion kilameters or 1.6 billion miles and it’s from last month.

InsideEVs: can you PLEASE either get a handle on the site, or at least provide a link specifically to manually get the mobile version of the site? I’ve just switched to the most used mobile platform in the world, and I can’t get readable pages – just desktop version on that tiny screen.

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