Global Tesla Fleet Exceeds 3.5 Billion Electric Miles




Global Tesla Fleet Exceeds 3.5 Billion Electric Miles

The global fleet of Teslas continue to rack up the miles at an exponential rate.

Back in June of 2015, the fleet hit 1 billion miles. Since then, the fleet has racked up more than 3.5 billion miles, which provides Tesla with all sorts of data that it can utilize to improve, among other things, its Autopilot operation.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

A look back at the numbers shows that 2 billion was achieved less than a year after 1 billion and that 3 billion came only 6 months after 2. Now, with this latest 3.5 billion figure, we see that it was achieved less than 3 months after 3 billion.

4 billion will likely come in just over 2 months. As Auto Evolution points out:

“With a nearly 200,000-strong fleet, Tesla is now adding tens of million of miles each day, and the best part for the company is that most of its vehicles are also gathering data for its autonomous driving program an incredibly valuable resource these days.”

“But the real spike in this graph is yet to come. With a planned production of 500,000 units per year, the Model 3 will be for the Models X and S what they, in turn, have been for the Roadster. Soon, keeping track of the number of miles is going to be futile…”

You can check out the number in near-real-time here.

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Assuming that Tesla is collecting driving data from all those cars, they will probably have one of the best digital maps in the world.

They are already using that data to improve their autonomous cars. But they might find other good uses for that data.

For one it could be a digitized information package sold to other car-makers.

I’ve been curious how much $ value this could be. ZEV credits could be a drop in the bucket if Tesla sold this data to other car companies for, say $500 per car. The other auto companies could build out their autonomous programs rapidly simply adding hardware and Tesla’s software bundle. Tesla stock= ^^^

The legals would have to be worked out since it’s gps and your data goes where, back to Tesla so it can improve the AI, more mapping data etc…For one your phone is already mapping your location.
You would also need a sensor array. Seems like it would make sense instead of developing all the stuff yourself.

Another huge and disruptive accomplishment and another nail in the coffin of fossil fools and the haters/shorters/losers who troll here!

Exactly, so I wonder why there are so many people here paranoid about people’s posts here?

There are outside dynamics that have a million times greater effect on TSLA, than any comments in the articles here.

People tend to presume they have more importance/influence than they actually do.
In addition less intelligent people think they know more than they do, and then they get mad when you try to point out how stupid/uninformed they are.
But maybe that is not so smart to do in the first place.

“Soon, keeping track of the number of miles is going to be futile…”

Resistance is futile. You will be electrified! 😉

I am not aware of any new data on the ICE, but the old US only data had 90 fires per billion miles with 30 from collisions and 60 from the inferior ICE design.

Based on those numbers, Tesla should have had 105 fires by now from collisions and 300+ more catching fire at Superchargers, garages and the likes.

Why is it then that their total fires can be counted on one’s fingers. You know, Fixed News said that fires were going to run rampid with EVs.

I know this is old news for the EV community, but I still run into people that think they still catch fire. How many billion miles must be collected before an error is admitted in the reporting. I guess Fixed News won’t be reporting a retraction any time soon.

@M Hovis; could I get a reference for the ICE stats? There are a few throats I’d like to jamb those facts down ?

Here you go:

“According to the U.S Federal Highway Administration data, roughly 2,980 billion miles were driven, on average, per year on U.S. roads during this period. Roughly 90 highway vehicle fires and 0.15 highway vehicle fire deaths were reported per billion miles driven.”

– meaning there should have been 3.7b * 90 = 333 Highway fires on Tesla’s by now, and not 5! 🙂

But, before we get too cocky about these numbers, we should take into account that the fire risk is way higher on old vehicles than on new, and no old Tesla’s exist out there…..


I have got a big Problem with such comparisons. Mostly old and cheap cars start having a fire (I don’t have a statistic, but my assumption). So I find it hard comparing a brand new car with the General number. It would be more interesting to compare the right peer Group (Premium Cars of the same age) with Tesla “fires”. The same would apply to the number of accidents.

Just my thoughts


If you, or anyone, can find figures which break down car fires by the age of the vehicle, then that would allow us to do a more meaningful comparison. So if you find such info online, please post a link!

Thanks all!

The day Tesla (Musk) can’t sweet-talk or arm-twist investors into yet another capital infusion, this data becomes useless to them.

Given that the price of Tesla’s stock remains far higher than what nearly all analysts say it’s actually worth, it appears there is very little danger of your scenario actually occurring.

And as someone who wants to see gasmobiles become obsolete as soon as possible, that suits me just fine.

Go Tesla!

Is that you Smeagol, I mean Spiegel???

Every day Tesla grows stronger (Giga, Model 3, Autonomy, ec) and you and your fellow unpatriotic/idiotic d-bag shorters are closer to losing all your money