Global Sales Of Plug-In Electric Cars Hit One Million

SEP 18 2015 BY MARK KANE 24

Global Sales Of Plug-In Electric Cars (source:

Global Sales Of Plug-In Electric Cars

Nissan Isn't Doing The Current 2015 Model Year LEAF Any Favors By Keeping 2016 Details Under Wraps

Nissan LEAF reported on the milestone of one million plug-in electric cars sold worldwide.

Crossing the mark of one million cars took nearly 5 years, counting since broader availability in late 2010. That’s much quicker than in the case of hybrids (over 9 years).

1,000,000 plug-in electric cars

Out of around 1,004,000 sales, Nissan LEAF (nearly 200,000), Chevrolet Volt (nearly 100,000) and Tesla Model S (about 85,000) hold the largest market share.

The US, despite a slow down in sales this year, still lead the world with highest number of plug-ins (about 35% share), although China is shortening the distance at a quick pace.

Third is Japan, but surprisingly fourth is small Norway with population of just a few million.

Global Sales Of Plug-In Electric Cars (source:

Global Sales Of Plug-In Electric Cars


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I don’t consider PHEVs to be electric vehicles. When the number of BEVs reaches one million, then you have a story.

I consider absolutism to be obstructionism.

And I bought a BEV, by the way. The first step in successful marketing is admitting you’re a marketer, not a mind reader.

If PHEV didn’t stand for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle you may have a leg to stand on.



An EV is an electric vehicle, a PHEV is a plug hybrid…period. Don’t mix the two, if you look at EVs the number is half a million.

Great news. The second million will come much more quickly.

Hope so. Prefer the mix to be more far more cleaner BEVs over the gasoline-burning range extenders.


US total for Nissan Leaf is 84,705.

Does anybody know what the global total for Nissan Leaf is?

And when will the 200,000 mark be reached?

Benz asked:

“Does anybody know what the global total for Nissan Leaf is?”

According to Wikipedia: 158,354 not including 2015 sales.

First BEV to reach the global 100,000 mark was Nissan Leaf.

And it’s very likely that the Tesla Model S will be the second BEV to reach the global 100,000 mark (in Q4 2015).

But which BEV is most likely to be the third BEV to reach the global 100,000 mark?

Model X?

The 100,000 mark for The Tesla Model X will most likely be reached in 2018.

But if sales figures are really very good, then it could also happen in Q4 2015.

Great achievement. Million is a major milestone. Nice to see that it’s evenly spread between automakers. Thanks to Nissan, GM & Tesla for spearheading the movement that we thought was impossible 5 years ago.

Hope the next generation of vehicles like Model-X, Volt-2, Leaf-2 will take us to the 2nd million much more sooner.

You forgot Mitsubishi in that mix, it is the only one with two models in the Top 10 and is ahead of both GM and Tesla in overall sales.

They need to stop saying that EVs had broader availabilty in late 2010. It wasn’t until 2012 that most of the US could actually buy a production EV. I put the $99 reservation down for the Nissan Leaf in April 2010 just like everyone else. I didnt receive my Leaf until January 2012. And it was now a 2012 model with a price increase. I was lucky enough to lease a Mini E for a year in 2009-2010 and the only other electric vehicle on the road at the time was the almost $100k Tesla Roadster. Maybe California had production EVs in late 2010 and 2011 but most of the other 49 states did not. So, the newer wave of EVs in my state have only been on the road for 3 years not 5 years. Big difference.

Actually, from my PoV, EVs still don’t have broad availability. Neighborhood EVs and BEV scooters aside, you cannot buy them in most of the developing world, where >50% of the global population lives.

It’s very impressive that there are a million plug ins but I wounder how much could a million plug ins do on global oil demand?

I suspect that Tesla, Nissan and the Chevy Volt are most likely driving most of the global oil saving.

Also does anyone else besides me notice that when the EV1 was on the road gas was a $1.50 a gallon but when it was scrapped gas went rocketing up unchallenged to $3.00 a gallon. And now that we have next generation of 100 mile range electric cars start trickling on to the global highway system gas is dropping again?

According to mainstream media gasoline is dropping due to excess oil supplies because OPEC has not cut back on oil production in order to put American oil frackers out of business. I really do not think that 1 million BEVs are decreasing oil demand…maybe 10 million BEVs on the road will decrease oil demand, I hope to live to see that day when 10 million BEVs are in daily use worldwide.

If every plug-in can save 1 gallon every day, 1 million electric cars can reduce oil demand with 30k barrels every day. US only oil production is around 9 million barrels per day.

Let’s say 1 million EVs are sold per-year worldwide.

Compare that to the growth-rate of world population by approximately 100 million.

For every EV sold, population grows by a factor of 100:1. Many are born in cities and will hardly ever drive. However, my concern is population growth rate will always outpace any advances in plug-in vehicles until the price of plug-ins drops to at least the same or lower compared to ICE vehicles. We need cheaper EVs to make a dent.

The global cumulative total for Nissan Leaf is about 190,000.

The 200,000 mark should be reached in Q1 2016, I think.