Global Sales Of Top 10 Plug-Ins Already Above 20,000 Units A Month

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No Bird Here, So This 2013 Nissan LEAF is Nearly Free

Nissan LEAF leads the way

According to the latest data gathered by EV Sales Blog from the world’s largest markets, sales of top 10 plug-in vehicles exceed a level of 20,000 units a month.

All models in the top 10 have at least 5,000 units sold after 11 months and all together over 175,000 YTD.

The leader is the Nissan LEAF with  ~4,400 units sold in November and over 42,000 this year.   The Chevrolet Volt is second with almost 25,000 in 11 months and the Tesla Model S seems to be third with over 19,000 units.

Toyota Prius Plug-In accounted for over 18,000 sales and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, thanks to 4,450 sold in November, surged into the top 5 with 11,200 this year.

All other models in the rank are below 10,000 still.  Renault ZOE is at over 8,100, Ford C-Max Energi at almost 6,500, Renault Kangoo Z.E. at over 5,400, Ford Fusion Energi at almost 5,400 and Volvo V60 Plug-In exceeds 5,000.

Just in case you were wondering, December sales results for the US will come on January 3rd.  European results will follow.  Stay tuned…

Source: EV Sales Blog

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Typically December sales are good. That would be a nice to see on a birthday.

This is great news, no doubt about that. These 10 excellent vehicles sold a combined 175000 units world wide.

But let’s not forget how big the total car market is. Many other individual gas vehicles easily exceed this number in the same period. I think even Prius exceeds this total.

I am glad about this milestone, and I trust this number will double (or more) in 2014!

Sales Are good but only good enough that I see another plug in on the road maybe once every few weeks. With over 1 million Priuses on the road now in the USA, it i common to see 4-5 per driving day at least. Let’a hope that 2014 brings the 35-40% growth over 2013 that I expect for the USA. The real growth is in Norway and Holland right now.

And honestly, counting the Prius plug in as a plug in? People are simply buying it to get onto CA or NY HoV lanes. It barely is a plug in at all with tiny AER.

I do think the PiP is a plug-in and should count. True, it is the weakest of all plug-ins. But I’d still rather have a PiP than a standard Prius. Despite its tiny AER, I believe I could actually make my daily commute on all EV with a PiP.

I do think Toyota is going to surprise everyone with the next generation PiP, which should be due out in 2015 or 2016. They’ve already said it would have more AER and most likely a battery mounted under the car. (I am concluding this based on the fact they said it would have a lower center of gravity than the current Prius) So I’m expecting a PiP with 20+ miles of range. And I suspect the plug-in model will sell very well and they could be a leader in plug-in cars.

As an owner of the 2012 PIP, I appreciate the 12 miles pure EV may not be useful for everyone. My wife and I, however, find that it gets us around our urban environment quite well on pure EV. Short trips to the store, school and work are less than 2 miles each. We “opportunity charge” at our home office between these short, frequent trips throughout the day. The 12 miles of pure EV can be doubled or tripled throughout a day when charging in our driveway. At the time we purchased it, it was the least expensive PHEV, and still suits our individual driving needs perfectly.

Indeed. I can’t drive anywhere without seeing a Prius or 3, or 4. And for some reason a Prius is easier to spot than other more bland bodystyles like a Camry even though there are technically more Camrys on the road that Prii. And while it is the most popular hybrid, there are plenty of other hybrids on the road too but they are hard to spot since they look exactly like their regular gas powered cousins.

It will be great to get to the point that EVs are selling as well as hybrids.

To each his own, I guess. I don’t want a car that shouts “I’M A HYBRID” or “I’M A PLUG-IN”. I have no problem with and actually prefer a car that comes in many configurations including a PHEV. Makes it easier and cheaper to get replacement parts for one.

I have said that a car like a Nissan Altima BEV would sell much better than the dolphin-looking leaf, by far. People want to make one change at a time. Going to a leaf means adopting both new tech and new looks. The Volt almost looks “normal” like a Cruze.

There is an Electric Cruze in Korea and that should be adopted for the western markets. Or something similar.

Mark, this article does not calculate China.
Only in Shandong province, in the year 2013 has been sold more then 100.000 electric cars , even thay are limited at a max speed of 80 km/h.
Then there are the other car makers like Chery , BYD and JAC. These brand can move thousands of EV for year.
Here is already available a new lithium battery with high energy density and a price at a low of 160 USD for 1 kw/h…. this can greatly help the diffusion of economical EV with long range and a retail price that is normally under 7/8.000 USD.
Marco Loglio

Do you have more info about this $160 per kw/h battery? A link? Thanks!

Are you talking about the LiFePO4-batteries that they usually use in mopeds and cars? Or something new and revolutionary?

And don’t forget the 100 000 000 electric bikes and mopeds they have sold also. If China didn’t use coal it would be a lot cleaner over there. Let’s just hope that their extreme building and installing of hydro/nuclear/wind/solar continues so that all those vehicles have something clean to run on.

The best chinese car in the ranking is the Chery QQ3 EV, it’s #11 with 4.700 sales.

Look at the Outlander, made it top 5 without even beeing sold in the largest EV market (US). I wish there where no battery shortages, sales would realy soar.

Interesting graph to see how much farther ahead the LEAF is than other plugins. Almost double the next closest seller, the Volt.