Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Doubled In January – New LEAF Shines


It’s our pleasure to watch how quickly plug-in electric car sales are rising around the world – and January didn’t fail to meet our expectations.

Year 2018 began with around 82,000 plug-in electric car sales globally, which is roughly 94% more than one year ago!

Because sales typically increase throughout the months, peaking in December, the bold goal for 2018 is 2 million sales.

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The three biggest markets were China (34,892), Europe (25,808) and U.S. (12,116), which altogether hold 89% of the sales.

There were a lot of surprises in January, both in the model rank and manufacturer rank.

Top Selling Plug-In Cars

BAIC EC-Series starts this year at #1 and is beginning to run away from the rest of the pack. There are four Chinese plug-ins in the top 10.

Nissan LEAF in January was second overall due to the new 2018 model, but the big surprises were the Volkswagen e-Golf and Hyundai IONIQ Electric. Meanwhile, neither the Chevrolet Bolt EV, nor any Tesla made the Top 10.

World’s Top 10 Selling Plug-In Cars – January 2018 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Top Plug-In Car Manufacturers

January turns to be “B” friendly as only manufacturers beginning with “B” were on the podium – BAIC, BMW and BYD.

We expect that Tesla will join the race in the later part of the year.

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Car Manufacturers – January 2018 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM

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8 Comments on "Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Doubled In January – New LEAF Shines"

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VW vaporware appears to be everywhere.

Gosh. They were selling 5% fewer EVs than Tesla. I guess it’s all vapour then?

?? Looks like eGolf sales were fine to me. So besides the Chinese models, top 3 BEV’s are the new LEAF, i3, & eGolf.In that order. Amazing how different things are globally. And BMW was the #1 non-Chinese plug in manufacturer. For all those BMW bashers here, looks like BMW really isn’t going to be out of business in 2 years like so many of you are predicting.

Like so many here are hoping.

Your sarcasm meter is off. By being ‘everywhere’ and putting up numbers, VW is perhaps not the vaporware ignorant Americans might like to believe. No Tesla vehicle in the top 20 by the way. March though? Different story. March should be a big Tesla month.

No wonder the BAIC is the leader. It’s starting price is 250,000 Yuan or around $40,000. But with rebates of 60,000 Yuan from the central government, 60,000 Yuan from the Beijing government and 20,000 Yuan from BAIC the price ends up being $17,300 for Beijing residents.

Then add the preferential treatment for electric vehicles in their license plate lottery system and that EVs are exempt from alternate-day driving restrictions and you have a winner.

And their subsidy is not only large, but only allowed for those vehicles that are made in china, and with Chinese battery.

Kind of funny that Germany targets Tesla, rather than China. Tesla is a single car maker. China is 1/6 of the sales.

82,000 sales which is an increase of 94% is great and the very 1st month opens with a bang. Hope there will be similar increase in the coming months.

It’s difficult to beat December’s 170,000 units, but at least the sales / month should soon hit 100,000 + and keep increasing.