Global Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Surpass 500,000


500,000-Plus And Counting

500,000-Plus And Counting

 Nissan LEAF Is Global Leader In Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales

Nissan LEAF Is Global Leader In Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales

500,000 and counting.

According to data compiled by UC Davis:

“In the last year, global registrations of electric vehicles from the first three years of the market reached 500,000 units. The U.S. plays a dominant role, with 200,000 vehicles registered, more than one-third of those in California.”

So, in the modern-era of electric vehicles, more than 500,000 have been sold.

In actuality, the global plug-in vehicle sales figuresĀ are well over 500,000 now, but UC Davis was playing it safe by waiting until the real figures were comfortably over 500,000 before reporting on this landmark sales achievement.

The real figure is closer to 600,000 now and it’s climbing quickly.

UC Davis adds:

“Of all countries, the U.S. has accounted for around 45 percent of sales since numbers started to tally in earnest in 2010. Among the top half-dozen PEV consuming countries, Japan ranks second, China third, and the Netherlands is fourth.”

“As reported at the beginning of this year, the U.S. had around 168,000 units sold excluding Tesla Roadsters, Fisker Karmas, and Mini Es. As of June, the count is about 227,000 PEVs sold in the U.S.”

Source: UC Davis

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Those figures don’t really give the true picture. By population percentage, Japan and the Netherlands are far ahead of the USA.

If you look at California on its own, California by far has the highest EV ownership rate in the world.

Got mine before half a million people had one! That’s worth 25 electric hipster points.

How many of them are BEVs vs PHEV/EREVs?

The detailed UC Davies paper explains that the 500K PEVs were sold between December 2010 and May 2014. The timeline you stated above is wrong. Check here:

Also, not even counting NEVs, like the Twizy, global total sales are near 600K as you said.