Global Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Recap 2014

JAN 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 3

Renault ZOE In France Pushes Overall Worldwide EVs Sold Ever Closer to 1 Million

Renault ZOE In France Is Helping To Push All-Time Worldwide EVs Sold To A Million In 2015

2014 in Review

2014 in Review

Jose Pontes form the EV Sales Blog published an interesting article reviewing the year 2014 from the sales number perspective.

“After a slow start, EV sales have increased greatly towards the second half of this year, with two months above the 30k sales (June and September), with global sales now expected to surpass the 300.000 units barrier, after the 140k of 2012 and low-200k in 2013, will we see plug-ins reach 400k this year? Probably, but much due to new PHEV’s landing, one thing is certain, the millionth EV running around the streets will definitely be reached in 2015.”

There is a lot of insight other topics as well, such as:

  • Bumpy Ride for Tesla
  • Global Sales Continue to Grow
  • Growth Is All Around
  • The Kandi Factor
  • BMW’s risky bet is paying off
  • China is Rising
  • Zoe Returns
  • The German half-hearted foray into EV’s are returning half-hearted results to domestic brands
  • Year Minus One for Fuel Cells
  • 2015, Year of the PHEV SUV

While we are not too sure about the future of fuel cell car, the last part on  invasion of plug-in hybrids and electrified SUVs from different manufacturers is extremely interesting.

We are eager to see if the all-new Volt will lead the pack of extended-range cars in 2015, perhaps even overshadowing the all-electric ones.

Now go read the EV Sales Blog posted by Jose.  It’s a good read.

Light up your holidays with the Chevrolet Volt

Light up your holidays with the Chevrolet Volt

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Be aware that the EV Sales Blog piece was published o January 1, when not even Sweden, always the first country to report, had published their figures. So, these conclusions are based on sales throug November?

Good point. Jose has yet to published a 2014 retrospective based on the full data.

Hopefully soon… it’s a one-man operation so I’m grateful that it even exists.

Full 2014 numbers will come late this month, hint: tesla, renault zoe and the chinese are this months winners.