Global Nissan LEAF Sales Hit Record Levels in September; Cumulative Total Passes 83,000

OCT 8 2013 BY MARK KANE 12

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF sales are getting stronger and stronger these days.

September brings another best-ever global monthly sales result of 4,700 units for the Nissan LEAF.

According to Nissan “consistent increase in sales can be attributed to the surprisingly low running cost of the Nissan LEAF“.

Cumulative global sales of the Nissan LEAF now total over 83,000, which means that at the present pace, the 100,000-unit mark will fall in January 2014, but who knows – maybe ramping up production of the LEAF in US will let Nissan cross this mark before the end of the year.

Anyways, Nissan is the leader in terms of sales and every month is extending its lead delivering more fully electric cars than any other automaker

At the end of September, Nissan LEAF sales in Japan passed the significant 30,000-unit milestone (In the US, 35,000 is the latest milestone the LEAF surpassed). To increase sales, Nissan prepared a new test drive campaign in Japan:

“NissanĀ is holding an extended test drive campaign in Japan where consumers can stop by any Nissan dealer for a free LEAF test drive and experience firsthand the efficiency and convenience of this ground-breaking electric vehicle”

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Even though I own a Volt I think the Leaf is a great little car and I’m glad to hear this good news. If you remember, when the Volt was in its design phase GM thought perhaps they could sell 5000/mo. Looks like Nissan has hit that number be it at more than 1 factory in more than 1 country.

GM also thought they could sell the car at $30k, before incentives. If they could bring the prices down that low, there is no doubt in my mind they would sell more than 5000/mo.

Does anybody know how many Volt varients (Volt, Ampera, etc) have sold world wide?

The problem is GM is kept out of Japan Germany UK Korea etc…
Try to buy a Volt in Japan Germany etc… it will cost over $80,000 … while we give them more than $7500 to sell in the US… but this isn’t important to “journalists”.
I think we should put the same barriers they put on our vehicles… then see how “popular” they are selling on a level playing field.

Go go Leaf.

That’s awesome. But at this sales rate, that total number is going to double in fewer than two years, easy.

100k mark would indeed be a very significant milestone.

i own a leaf tekna 2013,its an awesome car,the best right after the tesla model the usa the leaf is very in austria/europe the leaf costs me in cash 46.200.-$.energy costs here 0,29.-$ per kw.

I also think the pricing has a lot to do with it. I am seeing ads for new leafs for about $21000 (including the tax rebate) . Anytime u can get a new electric car in that range it will sell. I live in Phx. and am hesitant to buy one without battery temp control due to our 100+ summer temps. have read articles about reduced battery range when used in our area.

I own a 2010 Prius 3 which has been great for us. I am averaging just under 60mpg in suburban driving w/o ac and around 55 with a/c. We have a friend who is at 150,000 miles with his older prius and has had zero problems – (It is his daily driver and he drives it hard.)
Anyhow, yahoo for Leaf!!!! would love one but do not need one. The Prius is our daily driver and we have a beater 4wd 15 yr old merc mountaineer for those once in a while drives to haul stuff or go skiing.

The pricing will definitely help… The heat related battery issue you refer to has finally been addressed by Nissan. They are working with the few folks who had a battery life issue and are trying a newer formulation in the batteries as of April of next year,,, so wait till May then order a new one… should be improved. Plus if your car is not left baking in 120 degree plus spaces… it shouldnt see the problem… very few cars actually saw more than the normal LiIon cell degradation.

Love my LEAF!


This means ~1500 sales in Japan last month?

Nissan have focused on a clear message in Europe: save 80% cost, already over 73000 sold, experience new driving and deals to test drive for 3 months . Prices starting now at USD 28k here all over Europe against at least USD 50k for a VOLT. Best thing is that they Promote it!!

Sounds like a solid strategy… I am particularly pleased with the advent of the CHAdeMO DC fast chargers… there are now at least 10 of them in the SF Bay Area where I live… and it makes most of the places I ever go reachable with one to 2 quick charges for the round trip. If Nissan and others can get these to every 60 miles down the freeway life with EV’s will be marvelous.