Global BMW i Sales – June & YTD


In BMW’s June sales report, there’s this brief mention of i division sales:

Sales of BMW i vehicles are up more than 65% on the same time last year, totalling 2,071 for the month. In the first half of this year, 12,562 customers took delivery of a BMW i vehicle.

There’s no breakdown of i3/i8 sales, but we know from previous reports that BMW was selling, on average, 1,651 i3s per month worldwide and 446.8 i8s monthly around the globe.

Interestingly, Tesla Model S sales in North America alone (11,600 estimated YTD 2015) nearly match the global sales volume of BMW’s two plug-in electric cars.

BMW i8

BMW i8

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I’m amazed they built that many and even more so they sold them at that
Still mystified why made in CF it weighs, costs 40% more than it should.
It weighs more than other steel cars the same size.
And the REx weighs 65% more than it should at 360lbs, hardly good examples of the composite or engine art.
A Geo Metro 3cyl, most others only weighs 100lbs for example with far more power.


It’s obvious that you really don’t know much about materials, crash worthiness requirements, or engineering in general.

Warren M

Yup, would love to see a Metrol run head on into a i3 at 35 mph and see what happens.
Besides the engine, the car has to more heat shields, gas tank, emissions plumbing, exhaust, engine fluids, etc. So the weight is not just the cylinder block. And remember, the GEO engine doesn’t have s 25,000 watt generator attached to it either. So 360lbs isn’t that unreasonable.


It’s clear you aren’t very familiar with the i3. Please show us examples of another car with the same interior space that weighs under 2600 lbs. Remember the i3 has a similar sized interior as a 3 Series even though the exterior is smaller. Packing is much easier on a ground-up EV than an ICE.

John MB

CF off set the added weight of the point in comparing apples (i3s) to prunes (ICEs).

Counter-Strike Cat

Half of the sales must be in Asia, because the i3 sales are already crumbling everywhere in Europe.

Mutwin Kraus

What makes you say that? Because you clearly never looked at the facts. shows the following monthly numbers in Europe:

Jan: 502
Feb: 602
Mar: 902
Apr: 731
May: 871

I would not call that crumbling sales, but rather accelerating growth.


Maybe he subscribes to the jerryd school of though.


hello you can see much more renault ZOE in europe !

John MB

I love driving my i3 and the free energy from the sun powering it!!


How many are BEVs ? 5000 ?


Interesting …
21.5% (more than 1/5) of i’s are i8’s vs. i3’s.

That’s higher than I’d have guessed.


It was going to be limited production but then after a lot of people wanted them they made more i8s.

Its a sleek looking car. But it seems so weird. As I always say, if 10 years ago I told you that BMW would be selling a 3-cylinder car for $140K you would have told me that I was crazy.

Big Solar

120 mile range and i buy i3


I was thinking the same thing, initially. But, ever since the announcement of the Bolt, I’m wanting at least 200 miles. So, I’m waiting for the Bolt or the Model 3. I’ll bet there will be a 200 mile i3 coming along about the same time.


It’s coming, just wait a little longerand stay tuned. Here in Germany i3 is well.


Bolt would be a great option if it were available TODAY. By the time it comes out the current i3 will be 3 years old.

If you always want what’s coming in the future you’ll wait infinitely long. The problem is at some point you can’t afford to wait any more and have to actually buy a car that’s currently for sale.