Global BMW i3 Sales Reach 5,396 For First Six Months Of 2014


BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

“The BMW Group sold more than a million vehicles in the first half of 2014, more than ever before in the first six months of the year. A total of 1,020,211 vehicles were delivered to customers worldwide, an increase of 6.9% over the same period last year (954,501). Sales in June also reached an all-time high: deliveries increased 4.8% with a total of 193,342 vehicles sold last month (prev. yr. 184,489).”

Reports BMW.

Ian Robertson, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management and head of sales and marketing at BMW adds:

“This is the first time we’ve sold more than a million cars in the first half of the year and underscores the strength of our premium brands within the BMW Group.”

Those figures helps us to shed some light on BMW i3 sales, which for the first 6 months of 2014 totaled 5,396.  In June alone, 1,241 BMW i3s were sold worldwide.

These figures are definitely a little on the low side (or at least lower than what BMW predicted and what we expected).  If i3 sales continue to follow this trend, then globally, some 11,000-ish i3s would be sold in all of 2014, which admittedly would be far below expectations.

Still, the plug-in sales always surge in the 2nd half of the year, and we expect the BMW i3 to more than participate in those increases.

This certainly makes us wonder whether or not BMW was being truthful in stating that the i3’s waiting list grew to over 6 months, or if the sales volume to date could be a result of some difficulties in production or deliveries; goodness knows they have had some issues in the US – first with certifications, then some “engine light” issues and also some reported troubles with the onboard charging systems not functioning properly.

Here are some additional BMW YTD sales figures for your reading pleasure:

Sales of the BMW 2 Series, which has been in dealerships since March, have continued to develop well with 11,067 delivered in the year-to-date.

With a total of 233,438 cars delivered (prev. yr. 216,593), sales of the BMW 3 Series rose 7.8% in the first half of the year while deliveries of the BMW 4 Series – available since September 2013 – reached 47,031 in the year-to-date. Sales of the BMW 5 Series rose 7.6% in the same period (193,560 / prev. yr. 179,863).

In June, BMW 7 Series sales increased 6.4% with a total of 5,358 deliveries (prev. yr. 5,035); BMW 7 Series sales for the year-to-date remain around the previous year’s level with 26,378 deliveries (prev. yr. 27,090 / -2.6%). Sales of the BMW X1 remained steady in the first half of 2014 with 79,344 units delivered (prev. yr. 79,063 / +0.4%).

Demand for the BMW X3 continued to grow in the first six months of the year with a total of 82,830 customer deliveries (prev. yr. 77,950 / +6.3%). The BMW X5 was a significant growth driver in June with 13,097 deliveries (prev. yr. 9,661 / + 35.6%) as was the BMW X6, which saw an increase in sales of 18.4% (3,341 / prev. yr. 2,822)

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The BMW i3 is still in the roll-out phase. I don’t think it is fair to judge sales just yet.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

In my opinion until the premium brands decide to really offer a compelling luxury electric car to compete with Tesla, they will struggle to get in this market niche. The problem is that they are offering vehicles with low range capabilities where the technology to offer one with at least 300 miles range and very fast charging already was proved and is in the offer – vide the Tesla Model S. In the other hand, the Nissan Leaf is selling well because it is affordable, not because it is truly an amazing product. People want to buy great electric cars – not fuel cell ones – and why the manufactures aren’t answering the peoples’ demand (a compelling, good looking, good price per value electric saloon/crossover like vehicle) is not understandable…

You talk about a $40,000-$50,000 car and a $70,000-$110,000 car like they are in the same class. They are not both premium electric vehicles, one is semi-premium and the other is ultra performance luxury.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

That’s the first time I see a person downgrade BMW to ‘semi-premium’. Maye this explains why they are launching a front-wheel drive minivan :-). I didn’t realize that BMW isn’t premium anymore!

The “rollout phase” should produce higher sales numbers due to backlog. Eg. Tesla’s Model S first six months where stronger than this, and they barely had a sales foothold in the US, let alone dealers across the world.

Bottom line, BMW i3 sales aren’t as strong as the hype. Still haven’t seen one in San Diego, whereas I see about five Model S per day.

Not if it is production constrained. Tesla was also slow to get production up to speed the first several months. So was Nissan. In fact, Nissan had a huge waiting list they were trying to work through for the first many months and yet they only managed to sell 400 or so per month. In fact, look at sales volumes for Tesla during the first 6 months. At month 6 they finally managed to sell a whole 400 units.

To say you haven’t seen on on the road and compare to Tesla is sort of meaningless considering Tesla’s cars have been on sale for 2 years and BMW has been like 2 months. shows 41 i3’s in inventory in the SF Bay Area (200 mile radius from SF). One Silicon Valley dealer shows 16 units on hand (12 BEV/4 REX). Maybe the initial demand has been satisfied already?

For comparison, the same region has 542 Leafs in stock and 1,574 Volts!. I’ve never seen the Volt numbers this high. The two Silicon Valley dealers that usually have the most inventory have 317 and 400 units respectively. I’ve never seen the numbers over 120 each before.

One more data point – 430 Fusion Energi cars on hand in the same region.

Well this region does sell a LOT of EVs. I was a stoplight this morning in my EV along with two Leafs and Tesla.

Bmw produces 100 i3 per day (= min 2000/month) and they gona sell them!

‘These figures are definitely a little on the low side (or at least lower than what BMW predicted and what we expected).’

A link to what those figures were would have been helpful, as most readers presumably don’t instantly have that information to hand.

Have said it month ago, that there will be no 30000 i3 this year.

2000 bmw i3 built per month x 12 months = 24000 bmw i3 saleable per year.
i would lake to say :
5000 per year in usa
5000 per year in europe
5000 per year in asia =
15 000 bmw i3 per year
they are now building too much cars

There are i3 BEV and Rex cars available at a discount in Va, some of it is the door configuration and styling, some the low range , small fuel tank, price,
Just so happens many of these mega world cars also have no back up camera!
That’s a no go for most buyers these days , especially on a 43k to $47,025 car.

i3 is a car, BMW don’t want to sell really a lot. It’s a car BMW wanted to reach the fleet CO2 Emissions in Europe. They will slowly ramp up…sell combustion cars they earn better money.
Only Tesla is serious about EV’s. OK Nissan produce a lot with 125.000 Leaf,but also they could sell more with a new battery they already have in drawer.