Global BMW i3 & i8 Sales For First Half Of 2015


BMW i3 Event at JMK BMW in Springfield, NJ

BMW i3 Event at JMK BMW in Springfield, NJ

BMW i8

BMW i8

The numbers are in…

For the first half of 2015, BMW sold a total of 12,562 i3s and i8s combined.

For comparative purposes, BMW sold only 5,405 i3s and i8s in the first half of 2014.

Unfortunately, BMW hasn’t broken out i3 and i8 sales individually.

Total i3 and i8 sales since launch now exceed 30,000 units.

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Time to short BMW…

Yeah, I’m sure the market was expecting them to take at least 20% of the family hatch back segment by now with the i3 and be selling 1000 or so i8’s a month by now. As soon as the news gets out that they are only selling what they expected to sell and are largely supply constrained there will be carnage.

Remember, any news is bad news.

yup. Unit sales are only up 130+%.

BMW i3 is a little flop, although it is a great car!
I think main reasons are:
– little space, only 4 seats
– doors concept (not everyone likes it)
– polarizing design
– not more range like other “mainstream” EVs
And last high price…some customers buy a Tesla. Next year it will be very difficult with Chevrolet Bolt because looks like same size, but much more range. Months before sales will slow down.

I completely agree with your assessment.

I was really interested in buying an i3, but the funky exterior design and dismal range changed my mind. I love the performance, efficiency and CFRP / Life Cell construction. I could even put up with the suicide doors, if only the back windows rolled down.

Hopefully, BMW will mainstream the exterior design and double the range before the Bolt, LEAF 2 and Model 3 hit the market.

that little car has plenty of space for me and Im well over 6′ tall. Only thing that stops me from getting the Rex version is that its a BMW. If the BEV version had double the range I’d be in one now. (I figure its harder to screw up a BEV than a Rex)

I call bull.
Little space, that’s amazing, you’ve must have “tested” this car from magazine pictures.

BMW price. BMW maintenance and parts costs. Needs to be hacked to achieve anything near justifiable for the MSRP. Kymco 2 cylinder scooter engine ( from Taiwan ).

C’mon BMW – it’s no mystery this isn’t a volume seller.

How many of all these i-cars are 100% electric ? Does it end up in 10.000 or 15.000 Units ?


World Wide the sales are very close to 50/50
however each country has it’s own sales data. There are some counties that only sell the BMW i3 REx and will not import or sell the all electric i3.

Anyone know the current capacity of the factory?
There have been some articles about long waiting times for the i8 and BMW having to adjust factory schedules to reduce the proportion of i3s in order to increase i8 production.
That suggests the factory was running at capacity, ie BMW was able to sell all it could produce.