Global Automakers to Demo EV Fast Charging at EVS26

MAY 3 2012 BY STAFF 7

  • Eight global automakers to participate in charging display and will demo the standardized single-port DC-fast charging technology
  • The system will optimize customer ease of use and will accelerate more affordable deployment of electrified vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • The Society of International Engineers has chosen the single-port fast charging method as its standard for fast charging and the European manufacturing association (ACEA) has endorsed harmonization for all vehicle types
  • Chargers will be available commercially as of the end of 2012 and vehicles using the technology will be available starting 2013

May 3, 2012, Los Angeles

Global automakers from the United States and Germany will demonstrate fast-charging technology that will enable the recharging of most electrified vehicles with compatible systems in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen have agreed to support a harmonized single-port fast charging approach – called DC-fast charging with a Combined Charging System – for use on electric vehicles in Europe and the United States. Live charging demonstrations will be conducted during the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 (EVS26) May 6-9.

The combined charging system integrates one-phase AC-charging, fast three-phase AC-charging, DC-charging at home and ultra-fast DC-charging at public stations into one vehicle inlet. This will allow customers to charge at most existing charging stations regardless of power source and may speed more affordable adoption of a standardized infrastructure.

The International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has chosen the Combined Charging System as the fast-charging methodology for a standard that incrementally extends the existing Type 1-based AC-charging. The standard is to be officially published this summer. ACEA, the European association of vehicle manufacturers has also selected the Combined Charging System as its AC/DC-charging interface for all new vehicle types in Europe beginning in 2017.

The charging system design was based on the collaborative review and analysis of existing charging strategies, the ergonomics of the connector and preferences of U.S. and European customers. The Combined Charging System was developed for all international vehicle markets and creates a uniform standard with identical electrical systems, charge controllers, package dimensions and safety mechanisms.

The system maximizes capability for integration with future smart grid developments through common broadband communication methods regardless of the global location of the charging system. The combined charging approach will reduce development and infrastructure complexity, improve charging reliability, reduce the total cost-of-ownership for end customers and provide low maintenance costs.

Commercially available combined charging stations are projected to be available later this year. All committed OEMs have vehicles in development which will use the Combined Charging System

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Let the battle against CHAdeMO begin. Stupid they just did not go with what was already in place. There is already about 1500 CHAdeMO fast-charging stations set-up in Japan, Europe and all over California.


Not to mention, they’ve already been putting in CHAdeMO chargers along I-5 here in the States. This seems short-sighted. Mind you, I get the desire to have a single J1772-based plug for all levels of charging, but I think unfortunately the time for that was a couple of years ago.


SAE is TOO late on this. There will be 1500 CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers in the US and 200,000+ Leafs and Mitsubishi iMIEV’s on the road by the time a single vehicle is available with this connector on it. Last time around MagneCharge was the Betamax of connectors, this time BluRay is Chademo and this franken-connector is HD-DVD.

Mark Z

The elegance of the Tesla Model S connector will cause customers to ask, “Why the huge handle when it can be done so simply?” For most 300 mile range owners, they will enjoy charging their Model S vehicles at home at second meter rates. But it’s nice to know that adapters should allow connection of Model S to any AC or DC fast charge standard, including the 50 amp AC dryer outlet sold for $8 online or at home improvement centers.

[…] Yesterday, eight major automakers and both the Society of International Engineers and European manufacturing association (ACEA) got together at EVS26 in Los Angeles and debuted the “new standard” for DC fast charging, the Combined Charging System (link). […]

[…] Yesterday, eight major automakers and both the Society of International Engineers and European manufacturing association (ACEA) got together at EVS26 in Los Angeles and debuted the “new standard” for DC fast charging, the Combined Charging System (link). […]

[…] new single-port fast charging method as its standard for fast charging for electric vehicles, the Combined Charging System.  And if this was 2009, that would have been no big deal.  The problem is of course, that it is […]