Global August Sales: Model 3 Dominates, Tesla #1 Overall

SEP 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 49

Tesla takes all the wins! #1 in model and manufacturer rank, for the month and for the year.

EV Sales Blog just released its global statistics on plug-in electric car sales for the month of August 2018, so we can finally check all of the standings.

In August, over 172,400 plug-in cars were sold globally, which is 76% more than a year ago and almost a record (174,000 were sold in December 2017). A new record is expected soon. Like maybe next month.

See more our sales reports for August 2018 here.

The cumulative number for the year, after the first eight months, stands at 1,079,000 (up 69% year-over-year) at 1.7% market share.

The best selling model for the month is the Tesla Model 3 with record 18,300 (estimated). This massive figure enabled it to take the lead for the year too with 59,305 after eight months.

No other model even came close to half of Model 3 sales.

It means that the Nissan LEAF is now second best for the year with 56,773 sales (7,334 in August).

The third is the Chinese BAIC EC-Series with 43,434 (including 3,028 in August), which is expected to accelerate later this year thanks to the release of a new version.

In the case of manufacturer rank. Tesla again took #1 for the month with a record 25,793 (estimated) and for the year (115,631).

Despite keeping pace and setting its own record, BYD still can’t keep up with Tesla.

  • Tesla: 25,793 (115,631 YTD)
  • BYD: 20,846 (110,516 YTD)
  • BAIC: 9,522 (78,549 YTD)

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM

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What will the RNM Alliance do now, that the Leaf has been dethroned?

Nissan has started to show that it has officially dropped the ball on the EV rEVolution!

Run Tesla run!

Those three companies combined still have more EV sales so far this year than Tesla does… although the three of them combined for August don’t match the Model 3 alone.

The Renault number seems off by 10,000 — so in fact Tesla is ahead now…

If we look at sales of other cars, they are not that bad, for sure not bad for Nissan or Renault, Tesla sales are just very strong.

Nissan gotta be thinking ‘dammit why didn’t *we* position our BEV as a high-end Infiniti instead of a Versa clone’

Gas prices falling from $4+ to $2+ ~3 years after the Leaf first came out really kicked Nissan in the nuts on their product strategy.

is gas prices, dotted line is real (2018) dollars

Model X was just shy of 100K cumulative global sales at the end of August… they were at 99707. Likely passed the mark in the first few days of September.

Model 3 will probably reach that mark in late October and overtake the Model X shortly afterwards.

Model X hitting 100K mark is a great achievement. Another EV joins the 100K club.

I seriously wonder what kind of thinking makes someone downvote a comment like this…

What annoys me are down votes on a valid point without any argument as to why. (It doesn’t really bug me, but I find it humorous and a weak way to argue against something).

Take for example a statement: the sky is blue. A downvote on that is meaningless. An argument that the sky is not blue, but the scattering of short wavelengths of light when it hits nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere appearing blue because of the sun’s spectrum and our eyes’ response to blue light is stronger than violet, is a more adequate response:)

Yes, I do get it that some people just downvote comments they disagree with, instead of arguing what they think wrong with them. But the comment above doesn’t even contain any opinions; just cites some interesting raw numbers and calculations, without taking any position or making any insinuations or anything. It’s not off-topic, derogatory, negative, controversial, argumentative… How can anyone take offence with just some neutral numbers?

I guess you are of the younger generation that actually cares about up- and down votes, likes and such idiotic measurements of being liked, right or the most important thing to fragile egos needing confirmation.

The instant gratification generation.

Perhaps I am — albeit that’s irrelevant to my question — but for sure I prefer being that, than an old grump insulting others for no reason whatsoever.

antrik, if I wrote a comment that says “Brand new Tesla Model 3 delivered with bumper falling off while driving it home.” Also fact, no opinion. People downvote. What’s the difference?

Context. If you post such a comment out of the blue, probably with a malicious implication that it signifies rampant quality problems in general, then it’s *not* a neutral comment.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


You know, what “Mister G” always cut/pastes in……….LMAO

Mister G your mission is accomplished when you get copy cat/sympathetic comments that do your job for you. Well done!

It’s against other EVs. Sorry but we need all EVs to do well

Both Tesla and BYD have 3 Plug-In models in the top 10.

Still Nissan (58,849) + Renault (393,15) + Mitsubishi (23,859) with total RNM sales of 122,023 leads the 2018-YTD pack while Tesla with 115,631 is around 7,000 behind them.

But a small company coming so close to the World’s largest auto group is a great achievement. This month, Tesla will beat RNM in YTD sales as well.

The Renault number is actually wrong — probably should be 29,315…

Renault’s YTD sales shows 39,315. I just placed the , wrongly, so still the # and total are correct.

I’m aware that the comma was a typo. What I’m saying is that the 39,315 number in the source table is wrong. (As you can see by comparing the previous month’s numbers, the sales of the Zoe making up most of Renault’s sales, or just simply the placement in the table…) It likely should be 29,315 instead.

Article Headline: “Global August Sales: Model 3 Dominates, Tesla #1 Overall”

Congrats Tesla Team… well done!

I look forward for the traditional car makers to bring to market compelling EVs that can better compete against Tesla… the more competitive the EV market the better for us EV consumers.

Nissan is doing well

Goddamn clowns. “No other model even came close to half of Model 3 sales.” 56K and 59K are not close ??

Read the article. You are confusing monthly results with cumulative results.

That is not all that is confusing him!

@reader said: “***damn clowns. “No other model even came close to half of Model 3 sales.” 56K and 59K are not close ??”

Yes close for YTD #s but for August (which is the report topic month) Tesla Model 3 sales were 2.5x Nissan Leaf… so INSIDEEVS correct that for August sales “No other model even came close to half of Model 3 sales”.

The difference between a reader and comprehension.

…In August. 18,000 vs 7,000 = less than half. Now how about an apology?

..and they’re just getting started.

All plugs are good plugs but one thing to note is that out of the top 10 global plug-in manufacturers only 3, Tesla, Nissan and Roewe (I think) have sales numbers made up of only all-electric vehicles.

No, it’s Tesla, BAIC, Nissan, and Chery. (But not Roewe.) That what the blue colour signifies.

Why Toyota and not Renault in global year sales. Renault is 39k. Error?

Great numbers except CEO chooses to sabotage his own company and put his employees and investors at huge risk.

That is a sad attempt at negatively spinning reality.

Musk is not your normal non-innovative, scared of risk CEO. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is fighting the good for humanity fight to force those afore-mentioned CEO’s into transitioning to sustainable electrification despite their attempts to avoid or slow walk it.

Obviously his tweet was not the greatest move but he absolutely wasn’t trying to manipulate markets for personal gain but rather trying to get the real manipulators off his back by taking the company private which I believe will still happen after he wins against the SEC’s very poorly drafted complaint against him.

What’s most amazing about this it Tesla Model 3 is selling in just one market. It’s nearest rival outside of China is the LEAF which is being made in three factories and is being sold globally.

damn that model 3 is one attractive looking car. Elon has it right with S3XY selling.

insightful comment, I know!

The Dark Blue Metallic Model 3 looks great in my driveway, with or without the sand dollar aero wheel covers.

Not a big fan of the Model 3 from the front (looks awkward like an RX-8) or back (literally butt ugly). Side is nice.

Still don’t know why my BF says that Model 3 is ugly 🤷‍♂️

Well next month 2018 Global sales will pass the total Global sales for.2017. Looking at 1.8 million global sales for 2018.

Jan-Aug 2017 global sales 651 952, this year it is 65 % more. Total sales 2017 were 1227117 * 1,65 is over 2 million. Last 4 month are ususally as strong as first 8 months.

Congrats Tesla. If you’re CEO can keep himself out of prison, this might be a success story! 😁

Apparently he won’t go to prison but he is fired, axed, person non grata… Fired as CEO and forced to pay a $20Mn fine, plus Tesla is paying another $20Mn to “close the deal.”

Nope, sorry, you’re gonna have to just live with him as CEO still.

Holy crap! Musk is out as CEO of Tesla and is paying a $20Mn fine! I didn’t think this would happen.

Holy crap! Musk ISN’T out as CEO of Tesla.

All that matters will be the Q3 profits.