Gi FlyBike Folds In Seconds, Goes 40 Miles On A Single Charge

NOV 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 23

Gi FlyBike

Gi FlyBike

Gi FlyBike, a new electric bike founded on Kickstarter, stands out due its super-fast folding capability, as well as 40 miles (over 60 km) of range.

Electric bikes targets those who don’t want to sweat before school or work, or those who need assistance due to physical limitations.

In the case of Gi FlyBike, consumers must also be prepared for the $2,000 price tag.

That’s a lot, but Gi FlyBike has also some other unique features of smart connectivity:

“It connects over Bluetooth to your smartphone, which allows you to track your ride, but also to turn on the bike’s integrated lights, remind you where you parked, and unlock the FlyBike’s integrated lock. This last feat can be accomplished automatically when you get close to your bike: If you lose your phone, a conventional key can also be used to unlock it. You can also do cool things with the app, like lend your bike to a friend, just by sending them an invite. Agustinoy says a major design focus of the FlyBike was to integrate as many of the accessories people need for their commute right into the chassis of the bike itself.”

Gi FlyBike

Gi FlyBike

Gi FlyBike

Gi FlyBike

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$2000 for a bike?

Make it for $900, then I might be interested.

Geeks around here pay way more than that for bikes with 30 year old technology; carbon fiber, titanium, who needs ’em…

They pay much more for “weight saving” so they can brag about it or “competes” with it.

This is a “commuter” bicycle. Cost is key. A low price E-bike cost less than $1K.

No, $2000 for a fair number of people to not have a $22,000 car. Or for more households to ditch their second car. Pretty simple math. Unless, of course, you’re trapped in an autoholic development. Or a truckmaker has convinced you you’re not a “real” American.

Why pay $2000 when there are cheaper E-bikes for less than $1K?

Do you need the “folding feature” for $1k?

If you really needed electric assist (there’s a hill, journey is long, cyclist is old, either or both), just buy a Velogical dyno with a battery and strap it to your Dahon (or Brompton, if I offended anyone).

$2000 is a bit, much. On the plus side. One can actually use it everyday and lock it up on the street. No thief would ever think it was bought for $2000!

Is it really a bicycle or a moped? Most electric bikes weigh close to a ton (yes, really), and using them as bicycle is tough. Meanwhile, even el-cheapo chinese steel bike weighs 30 lb, mid range about 20 lb, really expensive stuff they brag about 14 lb.

A ton? Haha, that’s a bit hilarious. I had an electric bicycle before, I don’t even think it was 200 pounds, let alone 2000 pounds. LOL.

Edit: The bike I had was 80 pounds, and it used a 6x10x2 lead acid battery.

A ton, I’m still laughing over here.

Well, 80lb is closer to a ton than 15lb. 😉

I didn’t want to carry my 80lb behemoth up the stairs.

I found a site on the web that states this weights 37 pounds. That’s pretty good if it includes the battery.

For the range they claim, it can’t be 37 lb. Unless they assume humans pedeal majority of the energy, in which case the range is a BS number.

37 lb – 17 lb (very light bike) = 20 lb for battery. That means 1 lb of batery must propel the bike 2 miles. Whaaaa???

So, SparkEV, you’re clueless on the power and speed limits seen throughout the industry, on multiple continents. You’re also clueless on the new, sleeker models with inconspicuous looks and weights. Yet you choose to post anyway.

Clearly, you err in favor of the side you’re against, and away from the side you’re for, just to be sure. Just like you’re sure you can tell Hong Kong how to run the place- the land of bikes, scooters, and motorcycles.

What are you talking about with Hong Kong? There’s nothing about Hong Kong here. What are you smoking?

Fact is, 30 lb bike I can carry easily upstairs, 50 lb bike not so much. This is especially a problem in 3rd or 4th floor. In fact, places like Hong Kong could be bad for heavy bikes unless they have elevator or escalator.

60 km range? With a lot of tail wind…

And again a typical Kickstarter Hipsta scam. Not street legal, due the lack of reflectors, too small lights, no dirt cover.

While I am a big fan of EVs they will only solve a few (big) problems like air pollution and oil dependency. Ebikes on top of that solve a lot more like congestion and lack of exercise/obesity etc. And they are affordable now. An average trip made by car in UK is 7 miles – distance easily covered by an ebike without breaking a sweat.

Actually ignore the statistic I just quoted above. I think it referred to something else.
It is more like: 34% of work journeys are 3 miles or less and a further 16% of work journeys are between 3 and 6 miles – still easily covered by ebike

I’d love a folding E-bike. It would be a great way to take the train.

what I meant to say was that there are quite a few folding e-bikes avaliable. Do you in US or Europe?


It would be great to take on the train for my frequent Bay Area trips (very hilly terrain).

There are quite a few electric bikes available.
What I like is the Ford’s concept ebike Mode:Flex. With bigger wheels than most folders it would be quite popular with people living in apartments with no secure bike storage. With walk assist function from the motor which most ebikes have it would easily go up stairs and then (here is my dream bit) once I you get to your door you would put it into 2 slim cases and stick it under your bed.

So… It purposely unfolds out into a girls bike.


There’s got to be a hundred or more kickstarter ebikes, each of them with some silly gimmick. A couple years ago, they all acted like they invented the electric bike, but I don’t see that so much anymore.
The new bike/company makes a few waves in the industry, then dies out after they hit the street from lack of support or internal company problems. The companies sure get a kick”start” but there is no kick”expander” that I know of.