Ghosn: By January 2016 LEAF Will Be In US? We Follow Up – Fall Still A Go!

NOV 2 2015 BY JAY COLE 44

When the all-new Nissan IDS Concept debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show we were pretty thrilled, as it was plainly obvious that the car was a thinly disguised preview of the next generation LEAF – you could almost feel Nissan winking at you.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn On Stage In Tokyo With New IDS Concept

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn On Stage In Tokyo With New IDS Concept

Nissan said, and showed all the right things last week from Japan – including showing off a new tech, 60 kWh NMC battery inside the IDS that also fits into a nearly identical battery package to today’s LEAF.

There was one potential hiccup for those in the US waiting on the 2016 LEAF however.

When Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn took the stage to talk about the IDS, he also took a moment to talk about Nissan’s upgraded 2016 LEAF – which comes with a 30 kWh/107 mile battery option.

Specifically, he said this of the timing (from 7:55 mark of above video):

“In Japan, sales of the new LEAF will start in December, with orders beginning in November.  By January, enhanced range LEAF will be available in the world’s major EV market:  Japan, the United States and Europe.”

2016 Nissan LEAF at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (and no, you can't get this color in the US)

2016 Nissan LEAF at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (and no, you can’t get this color in the US)

Given that expectations had the 2016 LEAF arriving for the US in mid-October, and none actually did (we ourselves expected a model to zip around in the first of the month), this quote was taken by many to infer that the EV had been delayed into the new year for the US.

Seemingly running contrary to Mr. Ghosn’s quote,  InsideEVs has been tracking new LEAF production and happenings in Smyrna, TN throughout October and into this monthand it was clear to us that the 2016 would indeed arrive in November (more on that tomorrow when all EV sales for October are reported).  So we admit, it raised our eyebrows as well.

The only way to settle the conflict between the two dates ‘for sure’, was to get in touch with Nissan USA, and ask if perhaps its CEO was just excited to be talking about the 2016 LEAF’s introduction to the company’s home audience in Japan, and inadvertently lumped Europe and the US together.

Sure enough, that was the case, as a Nissan exec confirmed to us that the 2016 Nissan LEAF (both with and without the new 30 kWh battery) will still be arriving this Fall to certified dealers.

So once again, 2016 Nissan LEAF rollout should look like:

US – November, Japan – December, Europe (wide release) – January

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When do we get the 60kWh Leaf 2017, 2018…?

Very likely one of the two. Maybe some people got confused about MY versus CY dates, could be the same date.

I don’t think Nissan wants to get the GM Bolt too much of a market timing advantage.


People buy cars only every few years. So if you Nissan can spread a rumor that will delay Bolt buyers to wait and see Nissan’s next offering, they will spread the rumor.

IMHO GM’s $145/kWh comment was a similar deliberate bomb, intended to reduce sales of the current short range EVs.

I expect it will not come with the typical model year change and be a little later in the spring.


I’m in the UK and my 30kWh LEAF is due for delivery in December.

Perhaps the rest of Europe will have to wait till January.

30kwh leaf already spotted in the Netherlands. This news is really confusing.

Good choice! 🙂 UK has the advantage of local production.

Note: December is the LEAF’s 5th anniversary. The first handful of LEAF’s were delivered in Dec 2010.

Expect at least a few 2016’s may appear in each major LEAF market region. (speculation)

That Nissan Leaf color (gold?) looks very nice indeed.

Only 10 years to go and maybe we will have 300kWh batteries.

I won’t hold my breath !

How many days a year do you drive more than 200 miles without a bio-stop?

FYI: A 60 kWh battery capacity will provide over 200 miles on a full charge.
In US, a few Model S (with similar 60-70!kWh) have driven the 2500-3000 mile trip between east and west coasts.

I was thinking more along the lines of Buses & Trucks,

60kWh would be quite adequate for my needs !

The most popular electric bus already has over 300 kWh of battery. And there are those closer to 400 kWh also for sale.

We were already there a few years back 😛

Bio stop after 200 miles is only 3-5 minutes

I envy you guys, with the kids in the car bio stop every 50 miles 20 min a stop.

No food or drinks in the car. Cleaner and no breaks every 50 miles.

Omg, we drove to denmark some years ago (~1200km /~750 miles). Would have been a 24h drive if we drive like you.

No, every 200 miles short bio Pause, run up + down, pee and go. Every 4-5 hours longer break with meal. Ok 4-5 hours is only 300 miles. Lol, this is not very different. 😀 But 750miles in 13h sounds way better. I only recommend to do this if your kinds are sleeping or are quiet and you switch driver at each biopause (200 miles).

Sorry, got my calculation wrong. Your way of driving would be around 15h. Not that far off my driving style. Interesting.

I went through this exercise a while back.

Driving at 65 mph for an hour with 30 minute DCFC breaks in between result in 43.33 MPH average. For gas car 3 hours at 65 mph + 30 min would be 55.7 MPH aerage, only 12 MPH quicker. Percentage wise it’s large, but in real life, not all that much.

I live in melbourne (Australia) and my wife refers to our leaf’s range as a safety feature. She says if the sun ever got to me and I decided to take the family on a road trip to Sydney the leaf is the only car in the market that would save me from my madness before we left mobile phone range.

Can’t hold my breath for 10Yrs! But., Hopefully I can waite another 2 or 3 , 4 ???Yrs Depending how My C230 holds out…Which I hate to give up, cuz, I like everything about it so much.

If anyone gets the new Leaf, please try the DCFC ASAP. I’m curious if they “fixed” the slow DCFC rate. If you could make a plot of power and %GID over time like I have in my blog, that will be great. Scroll down some in link below.

33 minutes for 90 percent quick enough for you?

Nice, but what is the AC charging option with 40kW, is that some kind of L2+ ?

I can charge the 2015 e-Golf with 7.2 kW on L2 in theory, but the stations I tried only provide 6.6 kW. Does this mean I could charge with 7.2 here?


Do you have eGolf SE without fast charge option? Then you’re limited to 6.6kW at most public chargers, though you can have faster L2 at home.

If you have CCS (SEL or SE with DCFC option), you should be able to use fast charger at 50kW instead of much slower L2.

Zoe has a 43 kW AC-Charger.

NICE!!! Leaf has suddenly become much prettier! 🙂

But 21.03kWh over 33:15 is 37.9kW on average. I suspect there’s some slowdown (after 80%?) It’d be interesting to see charging profile plot kW + %gid over time.

For example, current Leaf (24kWh) pauses for 8 minutes at 88%, at least for one Leaf measured by Tom. I’d like to see if there’s any kind of hiccup like that, so Leaf drivers avoid them.

So happy to finally see range and styling updates / improvements for the Leaf. 🙂

What worries me if Nissan is now adding delay after delay which in turn will give GM more time to build the 200 mile range Bolt. In that if the Bolt comes out three to six months after the 107 mile range Nissan Leaf it will slaughter sales at Nissan.

Not to mention the fact that, albeit with a very long wait, you will be able to reserve a Model lll by the end of March which may be on some people’s mind ?

I think a optimistic release window of the Bolt will be October 2016 through March 2017. Of course, GM may restrict the release to CARB states for a few months. I doubt a second generation Leaf will be out before later half of 2017.

anyone know when will it be available in Canada?

I heard that some Québec dealers already received their first 2016 LEAFs last week.

Thanks for clearing this up.

After the Volt delay, I was really bummed to hear what Ghosn said.

If this is the new Leaf design, I hope y’all enjoy it. The Leaf will be completely off my radar screen. They improved the headlights bulging effect, but this design looks like a middle school student designed the car to look just right in a video boy racer game.

Pontiac did that too, back in the day. The Aztek was a stunner to look at. They had to offer big rebates starting at the very beginning to get those ugly beasts off the dealers lots.

This is concept, the production car is going to be a muted version of this, which is very likely to be much better (more conventional) looking than the current LEAF.

Heisenberg has (had?) Aztek. Good enough for me! Seriously, though. Aztek with 25 MPG and decent towing, wasnt bad. I might get a used one for my “business” 😉

If press didn’t hound its bad looks, it could’ve been a good car. It looks like bigger version of 2004+ Prius.

When will the new Design hit the market?

Should be around April-Juli 2018.

Aww sorry, a MY 2018 at first half of 2017.

How does Carlos get off saying that the Nissan leaf has the most dependable battery in the world? Are they not the only auto manufacturer in the world currently undergoing tons of warranty battery replacement due to a bar actions on 2011 leafs?

My 2012 lease is up April 1,2016. I told them if they get me a really good deal I would lease a 2015 for 3 years waiting for the gen 2 leaf. Looks Like I will be testing a Bolt or a Tesla model 3. Not sure what Nissan is doing. I would think they would want to keep current owners. We will see.