Getting Butts in Seats is Key to EV Uptake For Fleets Too


Nissan e-NV200 in British Gas test fleet

Nissan e-NV200 in British Gas test fleet

Even among fleets, it seems that getting butts in seats in key to increasing EV uptake.

Nissan LEAFs

Nissan LEAFs

Energy Saving Trust fleet consultant Karl Anders says that fleet owners need to get employees to experience electric vehicles in order to get them to understand that EVs have advantages over ICE.

As Anders stated:

“Some drivers are very anti, but all organizations also have environmental warriors and when employees get to drive an electric vehicle they realize they are a lot of fun.”

“Drivers do not have to rev an electric vehicle very hard for it to respond.”

“Getting employees to drive electric vehicles and experience performance for themselves is very important.”

“They need to be involved in the whole process because different driving skills are required to obtain maximum performance and increased range.”

If these drivers aren’t involved in the process, then some will no doubt find EVs to be too limiting and will perhaps shun the use of such an automobile.  This is especially true for fleet owners who operate mixed fleets (EVs/ICE).

If the drivers don’t elect to take the EVs, then fleet owners are often left wondering if purchasing plug-ins was a wise decision.

However, as fleets are forced to become cleaner, EVs will invade, so educating drivers and getting them behind the wheel is an essential part of the process.

As Fleet World reports:

“Phil Redman, manager UK & Ireland fleet management, IBM, said the introduction of electric vehicles to the firm’s company car choice list where he is fleet manager had been accompanied by a major employee awareness programme.”

“At IBM, where Redman manages a 4,000-strong company car fleet and 5,500 cash allowance drivers, employees were asking about the availability of electric vehicles and subsequently five employees have selected them with orders placed for a further seven, including six BMW i3s.”

Fleet sales represent a huge chunk of total automotive sales and have the benefit of exposing loads of potential future EV owners to plug-in vehicles that they may not have otherwise known existed.  In this way, fleets can be a catalyst for future EV sales to private buyers.  Provided that fleet owners do it right (educate, inform, etc.), they could essentially be creating tomorrow’s EV buyer.

Source: FleetWorld

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*Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*

“Get your a** in deh EeeVee!” 😉


Enterprise Fleet Management has 6 EVs in their fleet system, with 3 being the C-MAX Energi, Focus Electric and Fusion Energi. Along with the Spark EV, Volt and Leaf SV.

GE added 2,000 C-MAX Energi models to their fleet in 2013, and already had at least a dozen Volts and plan to add a total of 25,000 alternative fuel vehicles by 2015.

Yes and what a fantastic program GE has for their C-Max Energi’s. My neighbor is a GE employee with one of these GE supplied C-Max Energi’s AND HE NEVER PLUGS IT IN, IT RUNS 100% on GAS ALL THE TIME. GE must not reimburse per mile or just supply employees with a gas card. Either that or the guy didn’t get any education about the cost to charge up, don’t know. Either way GE’s “alternative fuel” fleet isn’t looking so good.

Are you sure your neighbor does not plug in while at work, that gives the power to get home and back to work. GE installed chargers at the offices.

And to benefit from EV power with a C-MAX Energi, the engine and break regen also charges the battery, so it’s not necessary to plug-in to drive in EV mode.

Better Place’s entire business model was based on fleets, which in Israel take up a much larger chunk of car sales (roughly half, they say).

It failed completely. In Israel very few if any companies have energy-savings mandates, and fleet managers tend to be very conservative (not necessarily in terms of political ideology, but in terms of decisions). They also tend to be pretty powerful within their companies, and know how to resist what they see as stuff shoved down their throats from above.

Annon. lol
“Put ze petal to the metal.”