Get Your Elon’s Musk Air Freshener Now


It’s the Musk-have scent of the year

Yes, an air freshener bearing the image of Elon Musk’s face is a real thing you can buy. And people are actually buying them. The tagline for the odiferous product?

The original Elon Musk air freshener, made with the real scent of Musk. Make your car smell like the world’s hardest working billionaire.*

Single serving of Elon’s Musk air freshener

Now, despite the uppercase nature of the word “Musk” here, we have our doubts that science has come up with a scent similar to the real smell of the billionaire entrepreneur. Thankfully. Not that we think the Tesla CEO smells bad, or anything like that. It’s just, well, he smells human. At least, that’s the rumor. Which is also not to say that humans smell inherently bad either. We would note, however, that people do apply cologne and perfume to cover their scent from other humans.

So, what does it smell like? According to the Elon’s Musk website, they put real effort into concocting an authentic Musk-like odor,  which is, apparently, “quite leathery, with low notes of rocket fuel.” They’re probably right.

The website’s owner, despite their obviously keen nose for business, weren’t successful from the very beginning. That’s because their first attempt relied on the old “collect underpants – ??? – profit” business plan once promulgated by Mr. Musk. The market for their underpants was underwhelming, however, and so they searched for a different product to push. Truly, the Elon’s Musk air freshener idea was heaven scent.

The funky Musk mirror ornament is said to fit every Tesla (probably fits any car, really), and retails for $5.90. You can also pick up a three pack for $13.90  With around 500,000 people waiting to take delivery of the Tesla Model 3, we imagine this might be a popular Christmas gift this year.

Source: Elon’s Musk via Autoblog

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EV drivers and Tesla owners (especially those with Bio Defense Mode) really have no need for this! 😉 The air in and around our car already smells fresh and clean!

This would be a good gift for an ICE driver. I still remember the awful smell of gas stations, exhaust and getting my oil changed. My thoughts, prayers, and air fresheners go out to those still effected! lol

Been doing some airgunning lately, seems like it’d also work well as target after scent is used up.

Musk it be priced so pungently?

I wonder if the St. Elon heavenly scent blends well with that of Lack Luster Leaf? That is until the Model Y is ready for delivery, for those of us hatchback adherents, who will be very early on that preorder list (when it actually goes live).

Anyone has Bro1999 address?

I suspect that tens of thousands of these will be ordered at the promised price of $5.90 each. However those are black and white and have no scent. If you want Elon smiling at you in color and you want him scented, the price is $10.00 each. Only the colored, scented images are avaiable now, at some time in the future we will fill the $5.90 orders.
He reminds you to keep smiling!


They have a reservation of 500k for these but it will delay TBA

I thought about posting a joke about this product, but realized that would be redundant. 😉


I hope this isn’t the free gift for day-1 reservation holders.