Germany’s ADAC Creates Lease Deal For BMW i3

MAY 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

ADAC, the 100+ years old General German Automobile Club with more than 20 million members, is going to promote electrification by securing special deals from automakers.

The first attractive lease deal in Germany apparently was hammered with BMW so ADAC’s members can now get the i3 from €383.14 ($457) a month for 24 months (plus €2,000/$2,385 due at signing).

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BMW i3

Purchase price: 38,022.55 EUR
Due at signing: 2,000.00 EUR
Mileage annually: 10,000 km
Term: 24 months

24 monthly leasing installments of EUR 383,14
Borrowing rate p.a. * 3.49%
Annual percentage rate 3,55%
Total amount 11,195.36 EUR

German ADAC would like to launch more special offers for electric cars, so check the offers before purchasing.

Moreover, because there are more and more electric cars in Germany – sales hit 2% market share, while cumulative number exceed 150,000 – ADAC plans to prepare services dedicated electric cars. The club is known from providing its members on-the-road aid.

Source: ADAC via Electrive

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“Due at signing: 2,000.00 EUR”
The remarks on the original website say that that’s the governmental part of the BEV buying incentitive. That also means it depends on the incentitive program. So please don’t make people here subtracting that twice in their minds.

If I used/unterstood the BMW website correctly, the example calculation on the ADAC website would be like: Total amount of 17kEUR (without BEV incentitive) and leasing installments of ca. 640EUR/month (for most car’s you’ll get a discount of course (even if you get some incentitives), so you’ll like always pay less than in the manufacturers car configurator).

But the i3 isn’t the kind of BEV I like.


It is of course expensive (since it’s an EV) compared to normal cars – but if people have the chance, take the i3 for a test drive. I like the handling, firm and quick for city driving. Interior is cool, and the technology and materials used is a huge plus to me. The looks.. I like it a lot better then when it came out. I see mine, and a lof others of these every day, and it looks normal now. I got mine as a company car. I usually don’t spent a lot of money on a car if I have to pay for it myself. When it comes to cars I’m quite a cheapskate. I think it has to do with cars normally being super expensive in Norway compared to most other countries. It really gives a customer very little for the money, and the value of the car drops like a stone in price, just by driving it from the dealer and to the house. Before I got the i3, I tested several cheaper EVs – but after driving the i3, the others felt extra cheap, weak and had poor handling. The response from the wheel, the… Read more »

What level of trim and options are included in this deal?
That would better determine it’s value.

You can get a whole new gas car for less than this 24-month lease deal. This “special offer” is IMHO still nowhere near a truly attractive proposition for EV adoption.

However, credit where credit is due: the offer actually does represent a significant improvement over BMW’s own absurd offers. I went to their website and looked up the leasing deals for an entry level trim i3, non-s, non-REx, at the same terms and conditions as the ADAC deal. Result: 547.70€ monthly, 15,144.80€ total. As opposed to ADAC’s 383.14€ monthly, 11,195.36€ total.