Germany Sets New Plug-In EV Sales Record At 1.89% Market Share For August

SEP 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – August 2017

A lot of markets are seeing high growth rates for plug-in sales this year, but it seems no one can equal Germany in 2017, as its surge continues.

2017 Volkswagen e-Golf

August (which has been a particularly strong month for EV sales in the past), brought a new all-time record of plug-in registrations – 4,794 moved!

The growth is tremendous – up 177% year-over-year – good for a record market share of 1.89%!

Records are popping up in almost all the numbers:

  • BEVs: 2,177 (nearly a new record) – up 143% (new record market share of 0.86%)
  • PHEVs: 2,617 (new record) – up 213% (new record market share of 1.03%)

Among the best selling plug-ins for the month we noted:

  • Audi A3 e-tron with 537 new registrations (14.6% of all A3)
  • Volkswagen e-Golf – surprising surge to new record of 475 (plus 152 plug-in hybrid GTEs)
  • Renault ZOE423
  • Kia Soul EV372

Tesla delivered nearly 200 cars – 120 Model S and 78 Model X, and so far this year has achieved the largest growth among the major brands (+119%).

If we compare past September results with summer months, the only thing that comes to mind is another new record is about to be set!

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – August 2017

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – August 2017

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – August 2017

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19 Comments on "Germany Sets New Plug-In EV Sales Record At 1.89% Market Share For August"

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good news, but one asterisk: the SoulEVs, nearly all of them, are going to Norway.

It’s a known and documented scam by Kia with the collaboration of German and Norwegian dealers, and the government’s blind eye I presume. That would bring the BEV total to <2k, still not too shabby but with the longer-range eGolf and Zoe this large wealthy market should do better.

The thing about this scam is, they’re only doing it to meet compliance quotas.

If Germans are actually starting to buy electric Kias for themselves, they won’t have to ship them to Norway anymore. Since the whole market seems to be trending upwards, it’s fair to assume that more Soul EVs than ever before are actually staying in Germany.

Hopefully the new Leaf and Model 3 will put a stop to that next year.

Also… Norway can only add another 6-7k per month and then the plugins have 100% of sales. So there is a natural limit too 😉

The sharp fall in the aggregate market share of plug-ins is very disappointing. I suppose it is due to the withdrawal of subsidies.

If only they would have kept PHEV incentives while pushing BEVs even harder, then we could have gotten the best of both worlds.

PHEV had their chance for some years. Unfortunately they were even worse than regular Toyota Hybrid Prius/Auris/Yaris in efficiency, or even 3 cylinder petrol turbo offerings. Mostly because of innefficiënt offerings like Outlander/XC90 T8. Large (for Dutch buyers) SUV like vehicles that were barely sold before these PHEV incentives. Dutch business buyers that receive the incentives make a lot of highway miles, which is short AER SUV PHEV hell.

2010-2016 paved the way with a surge in plugin vehicles and infrastructure, now is the time for full EV. And the sales of these vehicles has clearly risen this year. Incentive money is spent much more efficiënt this way.

The US is falling behind probably due to the cheap gas, but also due to the lack of true acceptance and investment in infrastructure. Expect the disparity to get worse.

I think the US may be better off without the smaller European batteries, and with better BEVs and PHEVs, even if means net fewer cars. I wouldn’t doubt average electric miles per PEV will be higher in the U.S. The Europeans will see more underpowered compliance PHEVs, in comparison.

I agree, and especially now that the afore laggard Germans are finally starting to pivot towards the future whereas here in the US the well funded right-wing political machines are trying to pivot US towards the past.

Imagine what it will be like when the Germans start building some good plug-ins.

Daimler opened reservations for that EQ (announced for 2019) in Norway. They claim that they got 2000 reservations (with 2.5 k€ reservation down payment each) within half an hour. Norway market is totally about 12-15 k cars a month, so this is a huge number in such short time (I wonder if they will deliver all 2 k at once or stretched over half a decade after the first delivery, like GM does with the Bolt / Ampera-e for the 4000 Norwegian reservation holders.
However, they better get ahead with production.

Regarding Germany: Diesel-share fell to 37.7% of the market in August, lowest one for a long time, 13.8% lower than last August. Especially the smallest Diesel model sales tanked (the ones usually not bought by companies, but private owners).

It should also be noted that additional 355 Streetscooter parcel delivery vans replaced as many Diesel vans in August. Those are not included in above numbers, as they are listed in the section of “buses, semis and heavy trucks” (which is a bit confusing, as all other delivery vans are under “cars: Vans”).

It’s not an EV if it has a tailpipe.

These are plug-ins but not EVs.

Sorry, I meant to say there are all plug-ins but not all EVs.

With new vehicles and battery upgrades due to many vehicles. 10000+ units per month seems likely next year.

Finally Germany is getting a handle on plugins.

Now the 2017-08 # stands at 87603 with the data yet to come from few more important countries like Japan, Korea and Canada.

Yes the heavy vehicles are not included in this total, if you include the 14,500 sales from China, the total will be well over 100,000 mark.

Sales are growing but associated financial losses are growing too and someday they will have to account their billions of losses investment. They will also provoke one of the bigger worldwide recession with their ever increasing carbon taxes that they all endorced.

God knows, the world really suffered from a horrible recession from all those tax hikes in the 1940s.

Oh wait…

It’s amazing how we are told all the world’s problems always are the fault of a few Black people or a few workers demanding better wages or a few environmentalists and not the sociopathic capitalists who control trillions of dollars and more of everything every year. Gorr has no problem with all the trillions lost in the 2008 crash as long as he’s got right-wing media to concoct a scapegoat on the other side, but billions spent on environmental improvements are a crime. Why, with Trump the obvious bull to wreck the global speculative china shop, he’s already lined up carbon taxes as the scapegoat before his crash has even happened.