Germany Plug-In Vehicle Sales Report May 2014


BMW i8

BMW i8

Germany’s plug-in vehicle market in May can be defined by one word – growth.

934 pure electric cars and 535 plug-in hybrids were registered last month, which is a new high for total plug-ins and for PHEVs alone. All-electric cars grew by 138.3% to the second best result ever. Rate of PHEV growth can’t be calculated due to changes in methodology.

In total, 0.5% of all passenger cars registrations were EVs or PHEVs in Germany.

After five months, 3,378 electric cars and 1,258 plug-in hybrids were registered.

While we wait on detailed numbers from KBA, we’ll extract the sales results for a few models:

  • BMW i3 – 255 (including REx)
  • Renault ZOE – 106
  • Tesla Model S – 57
  • Nissan LEAF – 28
  • BMW i8 – 25
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV – 21
  • Opel Ampera – 5

Nothing special in fact and only 497 in total, so where are the other almost 1,000 registrations? Stay tuned for more.

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25 responses to "Germany Plug-In Vehicle Sales Report May 2014"
  1. MDEV says:

    Wow Tesla is the 3rd impressive just wait until the virtuous of the Model S spread out.

    1. Rob Stark says:

      Twice the sales of Nissan LEAF is impressive.

      Once the supercharger networks is fully established in Germany we will get better long term projections.

      1. Mr. M says:

        It would be realy impressive if Model S would rise to the top of luxury vehicles. At the moment they are on the bottom.

        May Sales:
        Mercedes S-Class 905
        Mercedes CLS 395
        Audi A7/R7 355
        Porsche Panamera 211
        BMW 6 252
        BMW 7 171
        Audi A8/R8 274
        VW Phaeton 173
        Tesla Model S 57
        Bentley Continental 33
        Maserati Quadropode 19
        Jaguar XJ 17

        I hope when we get more supercharger the number will rise. At the moment you are very limited to certain routes if you want to travel in your Model S. But still the Model S lacks normal (luxury) functions like ACC which should be now even common in the Mercedes C-Class… 🙁

        But Tesla has already achieved send wakeup-call to the german automakers. Thats good. They in the game now. More EV cars, more different people will asume buying EVs. 🙂

        The E-Golf will probably be next step towards more electrification.

    2. Mikael says:

      Nah, the Tesla is 5th. You have the e-UP and Smart ED ahead of it too.

      1. Mikael says:

        And soon the e-Golf.

  2. Alaa says:

    Why is the i8 on the list!

    1. mutle says:

      Because it is a plug-in hybrid.

      1. Alaa says:

        It is a six cylinder car man.

        1. Mikael says:

          Plug-in Prius = 4,4 kWh
          BMW i8 = 7,1 kWh

          In my personal opinion (when I’m a bit subjective and cranky about car makers not puting in a usable amount to even have a chance of driving mostly electric) any car with less than 10 kWh should still be considered some kind of traditional hybrid 😛

        2. Mr. M says:

          It’s a three cylinder turbocharged engine, that performes like a 6-cylinder!

  3. jmac says:

    Musk said something interesting at the press conference where he officially opened Tesla sales in Germany.

    Musk mentioned that sales of the Tesla Roadster in Germany were second only to the U.S. and that he had inferred from that information that sales of the Model S would also do well in Germany.

    Musk chuckled and went on to say that: “If they don’t, we’re in trouble.”

    1. Rob Stark says:

      He also said he expected indifference to mildly hostile reception in mainland China.

      And was blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response and quickly enlarging order book.

      Over performing in 1.5 Billion person/ largest luxury car market in the world trumps cool reception in 82M person German market.

  4. jmac says:

    “Over performing in 1.5 Billion person/ largest luxury car market in the world trumps cool reception in 82M person German market.”


    The long tradition of quality luxury automobiles in Germany makes it a hard nut to crack.

    1. Mikael says:

      Agree. But on the other hand if they manage to sell a large number of Teslas in Germany it’s the ultimate sign of approval by a market very picky with quality and performance.

      The sky is already the limit for Tesla (but not for Space X 😉 but that might take them to 7th heaven.

      1. Rob Stark says:

        It is a feather in the cap to beat Audi,Mercedes,and BMW in Germany.

        And double feather to beat Audi and BMW in Bavaria.

        But more important is total sales than feathers. Operating profits don’t discriminate between German Euros, Norwegian Krone, or Swiss Franks.

  5. Crydissi says:

    ONLY BEV’S!!!

    BMW I3 – Only BEV: 121
    Citroen C-Zero: 3
    Ford focus electric: 3
    Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 21
    Nissan Leaf: 28
    Renault ZOE: 106
    Smart fortwo electro ED: 104
    Tesla Model S: 57
    VW e-Golf: 133
    VW e-Up: 320
    Volvo C30 electric: 15
    Unknown/Other: 23

    1. Mark Kane says:

      What is the source for:
      VW e-Golf: 133
      VW e-Up: 320

      1. Crydissi says:

        FZ 8 .
        Page 7.

        Its a bit tricky but one can actually get those numbers out of the offical statistics of the “Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt”. I try to supply the German data to insideevs. com from now on ASAP. Unfortunately there is no data available for electric LCV


        1. Mark Kane says:

          Thank you Crydissi.
          I know FZ8, but just now saw how you extracted VW. Soon there will be our new raport.

        2. Mark Kane says:

          But wait, for previous months this solution does not fit :(.

  6. Mark Kane says:

    But wait, for previous months this solution does not fit :(.

    1. Crydissi says:

      I think I got previous month vehicle data of Germany from renault. I’m gonna look it up and post it if ure interested.

      1. Mark Kane says:

        Sure, but those FZ8 numbers for VW are ambiguous.

  7. Crydissi says:

    Okay. I try to explain my solution (KBA told me that they gonna add a BEV statistical data soon). U can get the amount of BEV’s of VW from FZ 8 Page 6 (453 ). VW has (until now) only the Golf and the UP available as pure electric car. On page 7 u find looking at the Column “Sonstige” for VW Up 320 (For VW Up there is only pure electric and no range extender or other). U now subtract the 320 from the 453 and u get the 133 pure electric golf (again there is no hybrid or range extender version of the golf).
    Plz leave a statement if my calculation is right – im always open for opinions

    Greetings and sry for my bad english 😉

    1. Mark Kane says:

      I understand, but check April or other months where VW Up Sonstige is > then all VW EVs 🙁